Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon


Our vision is to uphold the college vision of building a future for students and communities, through student leaders who support sound decision making practices, critical thinking skills, empowering the student voice, community service projects, and college committee representation.


The mission of the District Student Council is to unify the Associated Students of Portland Community College at each of the four campuses: Sylvania, Cascade, Rock Creek, and the Southeast Campus.

The council is based on collective decision making through the process of consensus. Members of the DSC do not vote individually as twelve representatives, but rather as a four campuses. The three representatives from each campus vote via consensus.

The DSC seeks to accomplish this mission by:

  • providing its student leaders with opportunities to develop their leadership skills.
  • fostering an inclusive atmosphere of communication amongst campuses through district events.
  • promoting the welfare of the student body through representation on college committees.
  • advocating for student rights and concerns at the local, state, and federal level.

Who We Are

Our existence stems from the Associated Students of Portland Community College (ASPCC) and our responsibility is to represent the students of PCC. The DSC is composed of twelve student leaders, with three representatives from each of the four PCC campuses. We respect the individuality of each campus and convene to decide on matters that ultimately affect the student body as a whole. We strive to educate students on college policies, procedures and current information that may affect them in order to ensure that their needs are being met. 

We offer opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through event planning and execution, budget development, political organizing and lobbying, PCC committee representation, community service projects, and individual campus governance.

Each year we provide funding to students for: The Green Initiative Fund (T.G.I.F.), diversity signature events, a district wide bowling night, the end of the year social event, and student proposals brought to the DSC.


District Student Council Logo




We, the Associated Students of Portland Community College (ASPCC), in order to provide for an organization of representation, self-governance and campus life in a partnership with the campus community, establish this Constitution of the ASPCC District.

This Constitution and these Bylaws incorporate an organizational model for the ASPCC which  includes recognition of the diversity of each PCC campus from each other, yet strives to create uniformity and a structure to allow meaningful communication and relationships.



The name of this organization shall be the Associated Students of Portland Community College (ASPCC). Membership in the ASPCC shall be open to all enrolled students of PCC. All enrolled students shall be members of the ASPCC and represented by their respective student governments.



Section 1       Recognized Student Governments

  • Purpose

1. To improve the student life and environment on each PCC campus.

2. To represent PCC students of each campus.

B. Structure

Each PCC campus shall be represented through a recognized student government in

accordance with the campus bylaws. Job duties, dismissal procedures and vacancy replacement shall be determined by each campus and recorded in their bylaws. Policies

regarding the disbursement of funds shall be included in each campus bylaws. Each

member campus shall have the responsibility and authority to appoint or recruit students to

campus committees as specified in their bylaws.

C. Student Staff Term of Office

The term of office for the campus positions shall be the academic year of July 1 through June

30. Each of the campus positions may be held by a student staff member for a maximum of

two terms in any one position. The student staff member may serve a maximum of three

terms in any combination of recognized student government positions, though cannot

concurrently hold two positions at different campuses. An application process for each

campus position must occur each year.

Section 2       District Student Council (DSC)

A. Purpose

1. To facilitate communication among the recognized student governments.

2. To generate reports for any college organization requesting information representing the    student voice.

3. To create community among students.

4. To assign student representatives to college-wide committees and appointments as necessary.

5. To establish, monitor and approve expenditures for the DSC budget.

6. To propose a Student Activity Fee budget for consideration by the PCC Administration.

7.The Student Activity Fee budget shall include: the amount of the fee, including a fee increase if one is necessary, and the allocation of the fee, including which programs and services will

be funded. The Student Activity Fee Budget will be created with the cooperation of at least one student from every campus of the DSC.

B. Structure

1. The DSC is composed of three student representatives from each recognized student government determined in accordance to that student government bylaws and a chairperson not represented within any campus government. 

2. A chairperson will be elected and will preside over meetings, notify members of meeting dates, times, and locations, and assure that minutes of the meetings are kept.

3. A chairperson will be chosen to represent the District Student Council through an application process: The District Student Council will interview applicants to serve as the District Student Council Chair for the following year between April and June. The District Student Council Chair will work with the PCC Board of Directors, PCC Administration, and individual campus student governments to set agendas, meeting dates, times, and locations, and assure that minutes of the meetings are kept. 

4. A quorum of 8 of 12 of the voting DSC, including at least one member from each campus must be present for the DSC to take any action. The District Student Council Chair does not have a vote in any DSC decision making, but instead, serves to facilitate decisions made.

5. Two of the three representatives from each of the four campuses must be in agreement before any action can be taken by the DSC. Decisions will be made through a consensus by campus, with each campus comprising one vote.

6. At least 2 campus advisors or student services administrators shall be present at every DSC meeting.

C.     Authority

1. The authority is vested in the DSC as a group, not in its individual members.

Therefore, no individual member of the DSC may act on behalf of the DSC unless specifically instructed by the DSC. Every member of the DSC shall be under obligation to abide by the decision or policy of the DSC.

2. The DSC must recruit and approve nominations for students to represent the student body on district-wide committees. 

3. The District Student Council Chair will be the representative for the PCC Board of Directors. 

4. The DSC may recruit and hire staff as deemed necessary.

a. An ad hoc committee shall be formed from within the DSC consisting of one representative from each campus and the District Student Council Chair. This committee will interview prospective candidates and make a recommendation(s) to the DSC.

b. Currently-serving DSC members shall be ineligible for any position under consideration.

c. The DSC will vote on the recommendation in accordance with the constitution.

5. Students appointed as representatives to committees or hired as staff by the DSC, may be recalled by consensus of the DSC at two consecutive meetings. Notice of intent to discuss termination must be given to the representative or employee affected before the first of these two meetings.

D.     Attendance at the DSC

1. Meetings will be held on the first and third Friday of each month during the duration of the year from 9:00 am to 12:00pm. The meeting locations shall rotate by campus each session. 

2. If a campus representative is unable to attend a DSC meeting, a proxy shall be notified

to attend.

3. The DSC shall meet at least twice a month with one meeting specific to sharing committee reports and working on DSC initiatives and the other meeting specific to new agenda items and delegation of tasks.



Recognized student government meeting times shall be determined by their student government, publicized and open to all students. DSC meetings shall also be publicized and open to all students. The DSC may hold a closed executive session in accordance with Oregon Open Meeting Laws. No official decisions shall be made during an executive session.



The bylaws of each recognized student government shall be established by that campus.



Amendments to this Constitution must be made according to the following procedure and order:

1. Amendments to this constitution may be proposed at the DSC meeting and a consensus of the DSC will move it forward.

2. A public forum or meeting must be held by each campus with a recognized student government.

3. The DSC may affirm their approval of the proposed amendment(s) by ratification.

4. Amendments to this constitution, or an entirely new constitution may occur at a constitutional convention called by:

a. Consensus of the DSC, or

b. 2/3 majority of each recognized student government



Section 1         This Constitution must be ratified by the PCC Board of Directors or its designee.

Section 2         This Constitution should be reviewed as part of the training for each District Student Representative.

Section 3         PCC policies and procedures which conflict with this Constitution will supersede this Constitution.