Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Every three years, the Student Leadership Development Program goes through a rigorous evaluation process in which the many programs and services that are provided to PCC students are analyzed. With this program review, we are able to see areas that need improvement and areas that we are excelling in. The intention of this process is to continuously improve the ways in which we serve students through programs and events that are otherwise not found at PCC. The next program review, which covers the 2008-2011 academic years, is due to be posted in the winter of 2011.  

In addition, the 2010-2011 District Student Council formed a committee on Student Leadership Analysis to answer four important questions posed by PCC District President Dr. Pulliams. The questions dealt with the selection process of student leaders and the ways in which we represent you.  The Student Leadership Development Program conducted yet another extensive evaluation of itself through the feedback that was provided in a survey released to the entire PCC community. With input from 923 respondents and the amazing work of students, staff, and faculty; the approved final report of this analysis is now officially provided to you for review.

View the report here.