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Dear PCC community,

Oregon Community Colleges statewide have coalesced in response to the tragedy that took place yesterday at Umpqua Community College. Together, we will host vigils at our respective campuses this Wednesday, October 7th, from 5:00-7:00pm.

Portland Community College, as a district body, will host vigils at each campus to create as many inclusive spaces for those wishing to stand in solidarity with Umpqua as possible. While each campus will have individual programs for the vigil, we will all light nine candles, read the names of the victims, and have a moment of silence at 5:30PM. The individual campus programs are being developed, and will be publicized on Monday when they are finished -- times and locations for each campus are below.

Cascade: will start at 5:00PM in the quad between the Student Union and Cascade Hall.

Rock Creek: will start at 5:00pm in the courtyard near the fountain.

Southeast: will start at 5:00PM in the courtyard

Sylvania: will start at 5:00PM in the PAC courtyard.

Please come share in Oregon's Community College's unified stance with Umpqua at the campus that is most accessible to you. These campus events, although a representation of PCC support to Umpqua, are also for the community at large: invite your friends, families, and loved ones to participate.

In closing, I have experienced the PCC student leaders, faculty, staff, and administration, unify in a way that is truly phenomenal. In the darkness of this event, we carry our light brightly.

We Stand With Umpqua.

Tony Vezina

District Student Council Chair

ASPCC Cascade Student Body President








Alternative Spring Break March 22-27, 2016

This application is for those wishing to participate in the 2016 Alternative Spring Break workshop that will be held March 22nd to March 27th. The trip will take you on a "road trip" through many significant areas in the southeastern United States. The trip begins in New Orleans, Louisiana and stops will be made in Mississippi and Alabama. The trip will end in Montgomery, Alabama where Dr. King and the Southern Leadership Conference helped to facilitate the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

More information may be found on the ASPCC Website www.pcc.edu/resources/aspcc/district-student-council/ but you must apply online by the deadline (December 10th) to be considered for this opportunity.

Civic Engagement logs are due January 5th.

Learning Outcomes:
Students participating in PCC's Alternative Spring Break "Civil Rights Movement Road Trip" will

Gain knowledge related to the trajectory of the Civil Rights movement in the United States by traveling to the Southeastern United States and visiting landmarks, memorials, and museums that honor the work and history of the struggle for equity in our country.

Identify the benefits and challenges of diversity in American life by engaging in intentional dialogue after each presentation or site visit.

Recognize the names of the key people, players, places and events in the movement by listening to a variety of presentations and site visits from the eras of slavery, reconstruction and the civil rights era.

Gain awareness of racism and how it has influenced our society and be able to apply the knowledge gained on the "road trip" to current situations and struggles of marginalized populations by creating a display for each campus "Civil Rights" fair spring quarter 2016.


In order to participate in Alternative Spring Break 2016 "Civil Rights Road Trip" students must meet the following requirements and complete the outlined tasks.

Be a student in good standing
Submit your application by December 10th using the online application only.
Pay the $400 fee (make checks payable to ASPCC) by December 10th at 5PM. There may be an opportunity to fund raise for the trip. You will need to organize with the Student Leadership Program professional staff in September if you wish to engage in fundraising opportunities.
Agree to the guidelines and expectations for attendees (turn in signed document with application)
Complete 10 hours of service by January 5th, 2016. Service hours/logs must be emailed to leadership.ca@pcc.edu no later then January 5th at 5PM to be considered.


The only way to apply for this is thru this link!