Training for New Officers

Cascade SU 208 | 971-722-5188 or 971-722-5379


Welcome New ASPCC and Phi Theta Kappa Officers!


AS a member of ASPCC, Cascade you’ll be part of one of the best community college leadership development programs in the state. 

ASPCC programs are a great way to build your academic and professional resume, while earning college credit and valuable leadership training. As an officer you’ll have opportunities to serve your community and build a valuable network of contacts in both the private and public sectors. Additionally, this program gives motivated student access to college committees, state and local representatives, scholarships and much, much more! 

To help prepare you for the upcoming year, we have put together a series of on-line training materials.  They will introduce you to the program, prepare you for your first few weeks, introduce you ASPCC’s resources and cover some basic policies.   Don’t worry if you don’t get every last detail.  We just want you to make you have the necessary information to help prepare you for the upcoming school year. 

When you’re reading through these lessons it is a good idea to make notes, because at the end of each lesson there is a short quiz over the material.  If you don’t get the answers on the first try, don’t worry.  This isn’t graded: we just want to make sure you’ve covered the key information.

In the right-hand column of this page you'll see two groups. The top group tells you which lesson you're currently working on. The second group is a list of the other lessons. While you can compete them in any order, we recommend you do them sequentially. It is not necessary to complete them all in one session. If you're ready to begin, click on "Lesson 1: What is ASPCC?" link.