New Club Orientation Glossary

Cascade Clubs and Programs Office, SU 208, (971) 722-5371

MyPCC and Groups

MyPCC is an online community for students, faculty and staff of Portland Community College. This secure site allows you to check email, register for courses, communicate with other students and faculty, and take care of all aspects of college business.

Many PCC Student Clubs and Programs have MyPCC Groups associated with them. If you are interested in creating a MyPCC Group for your student group, work with the ASPCC Clubs and Programs Specialist at your campus. They can determine whether a Student Group has already been created that you can join, or you may decide to start a new official PCC Student Group.

MyPCC Groups allow PCC employees and others to work collaboratively on a shared website which includes helpful tools. It is primarily designed for employees, but students can request a MyPCC Group through the Student Clubs process by working with the Student Government Groups Coordinator at any campus. MyPCC Groups have been effectively utilized to help employee / faculty committees, project teams, student clubs, and department teams share information. Some of the advantages of using Groups are:

  • File Sharing – the ability to post documents so that all members of your group can see them
  • Email – all members of the group can be emailed easily – individually or as a group
  • Main Page – a place to post Announcements, News, Photos, and Links
  • Group Calendar – for scheduling group appointments, meetings, etc.
  • Confidentiality – the Group Leader has the power to decide who has access to group information

To request a MyPCC Groups page for your organization, email Include your organizations name and purpose and who you would like to have added as group leaders. For more information, see the Utilizing Social Media Handout.