New Club Orientation Glossary

Cascade Clubs and Programs Office, SU 208, (971) 722-5371

Meeting Spaces

PCC has a lot of great facilities for you to hold your club meetings. Here are your options:

Club rooms: We have two club meeting rooms available. If you would like to reserve one of these rooms contact the ASPCC administrative assistant at

A classroom: We recommend you start by seeing if you can book a classroom. Classrooms are ideal for clubs because they come with Audio/Visual resources, are relatively private and their location is familiar to almost every student. To book are room send an email, with the time, date and club name to You should expect a response within two business days.

Library Rooms: The library in the Student Center has large study rooms which can accommodate your club. They don’t come equipped with Audio/Visual resources, but you can request them from the library staff. To book these rooms check with library.

The Resource Room: The Resource Room is located across the hall from the Student Lounge. We recommend that you use the Resource Room only as a last resort. This is due to the fact that it is not a private meeting area and has no technological resources. Still, it is better than meeting in the cafeteria or other public area. To book the Resource Room, contact ASPCC's administrative assistant at