New Club Orientation Glossary

Cascade Clubs and Programs Office, SU 208, (971) 722-5371


Once you organization has received charter status, you can begin to hold meetings on campus. Meetings are held to coordinate and sustain activity within the club/organization. Club leadership should meet and deiced how meetings should be structured. Will there be an agenda? Will someone take minutes? Is it a business meeting or a social gathering? Below are some things to keep in mind when organizing meeting meetings. For additional information, Please see the Meeting Expectations and Procedures handout. You can find the handout in the Appendix Section of this module.

First Meeting

It’s always great to start out a meeting with introductions. Your first several meetings could include an ice breaker. Your first meeting with your membership should include some information about your organization. You can begin by present the club’s constitution and purpose to the rest of the group. 


Prior to the meeting let members know when, where, & how long the meeting will be. Define the goals of the meeting clearly for everyone. Prepare an agenda and have the necessary supplies handy. Make sure you re on time and designate a person to take minuets. Encourage brief discussion and be creative. Clarify decisions made so that everyone understands and delegate responsibilities accordingly and be clear when establishing deadlines.


Keeping your meeting on task and organized is important. Creating an agenda for your meetings will help you conduct club business. See the sample meeting agendas hound out or contact the Clubs and Programs Specialist for help to create your clubs meeting agenda.