New Club Orientation Glossary

Cascade Clubs and Programs Office, SU 208, (971) 722-5371

Funds and Accounts

When you are chartered you have a club account automatically setup. Into this account will be deposited your start club funds. These funds are allocated from ASPCC, Cascade’s budget. How you use your funds is up to you, your club members and your club’s advisor. If you are not sure who your advisor is, ask the Clubs and Programs Specialist—they can assist you. Each club is given limited funds and deciding how to spend it can be tricky. Here are some suggestions from former club leaders:

Spend it on food! People will come to your meetings if they think they can grab a bite to eat.

Invest it on fundraising. You can buy items for resale to students, staff and faculty. Your startup money can be used to raise more funds.

Advertise through events. Hosting one or two signature events can really up your club’s profile and recruit new members.


Club funds can be accessed by reimbursement or by arrangement with the Club and Programs Specialist. Any club wishing to access club funds must submit the Request for Funds Form (#11) AT LEAST one week prior to purchasing. Make sure all the information is correct and have an advisor and two club members sign it.


In addition to spending money, you may want to deposit funds as well. Deposits should be made directly with the Club and Programs Specialist. Clubs wishing to deposit funds must fill out the Cash Deposit Form (#2), and ASPCC will deposit into your account. A receipt will be given as proof of the transaction. Make sure you give a copy of the receipt to your advisor!

Club Account Signature Authorizations

Club leadership, as well as the advisor must fill out and submit form #1, Club Account Signature Card, to have an account established and to access funds.