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Reverse Planning: Putting it all Together

Dawit and Jen

Okay, that was a lot of information!  It may seem overwhelming, but before you know it, you’ll be running events like a pro.  This section is intended to give you a framework to put all this great information together.  It is called reverse planning. 

Reverse planning is exactly what it sounds like: starting the end point and working your way backwards.  This may seem like a tedious exercise, but it is an important step and will help you identify things you may have missed.  Let’s take a look at the steps in reverse planning.  The first three steps are things we’ve already covered:

  • Decide on an event
  • Pick a series of dates
  • Confirm a date (hopefully several weeks in advance) with booked space

Now that you know when and where, it’s time to do some reverse planning

  • List all the A/V, physical plant, food, staff and entertainment you’ll need
  • Remember that A/V needs at least two weeks advance notice. Also, remember purchases and physical plant require at least one week. 
  • Using a calendar, count one and two weeks back from your event date and mark those days accordingly.
  • Many events will require additional student staffing.  If you need staffing, plan to ask ASPCC and club members at least one week in advance.  Everyone has very busy schedules, and if you ask at the last minute, you might not have enough people to staff your event.

Whenever possible you want to use reverse planning.  It will help you organize your busy schedule, plan great events, and not go crazy in the process.