New Club Orientation

Cascade Clubs and Programs Office, SU 208, (971) 722-5371

Event Logistics



After you have determined where your event will be held, you next need to consider what technology you’ll need.  Some spaces like the auditoriums and classrooms come fully equipped with projectors and speakers, while others like the Borthwick Mall don’t have any multimedia at all. 

Once you’ve determined what your multimedia requirements and space limitations are,  you’ll need to contact A/V and let them know what you’ll need.  To reserve equipment go to  and fill out the form.  To ensure you get the equipment you’ll need, give them at least two weeks advanced notice.

Facilities/Physical Plant

The physical plant department manages tables, chairs and physical arrangement of our event spaces.  If you need additional seating or rearranging of a particular space, you’ll need to contact physical plant and fill out a request form.  The form can be found at:  Please allow at least two weeks for your request to be processed.


Budgets and funding

Now that you have a time, location and production resources, it’s time to begin planning the actual substance of the event.  But before you start booking entertainment or placing food orders, you need to determine what your budget is. Be sure to speak with the Clubs and Programs Office about your current club account balance.

If you find that you don’t have enough money in your budget, can earn additional funds by completing a service project. Please see the previous section for more information on the service project program, or contact the Clubs and Programs Office at

Focus: Entertainment, Food and Lecturers

Every event has a focus.  Some foci are food or a guest speaker others are an activity or music.  No matter what the focus is, you’ll most likely need to purchase something or hire entertainment.   These payments are arranged through the Clubs Office professional staff.  If you need entertainment or supplies for an event please let you’re the advisor know at least one week in advance.  Be aware, that some items must be ordered and can take up to three weeks to arrive—please plan accordingly.


If nobody knows about your event, then why go to all the trouble of planning it?  Marketing is sometimes overlooked by new event coordinators, and can be the difference between a successful event and a flop.  Fortunately, ASPCC has a lot of resources to get the word out.  Let’s look at them.

The Communications Board (ComB): is made up of three students: the multimedia specialist, communications coordinator and communications specialist.  These officers are here to help you get people to your event.  They can design a flyer or poster, put your event on the bi-weekly calendar, get out sandwich boards and post to our social media sites. This team is often juggling multiple events at the same time, so get your advertising ideas to them as early as possible.   If you have questions about workload and availability, speak with the communications coordinator.

Visix Screens: ASPCC has invested in a number of digital advertising screens located in buildings around campus.  Visix is a great resource, because it saves on paper and it gets a lot of views.  If you want to create an advertisement for the Visix screens, lay your flyer out in Powerpoint and then email it to the Visix administrator, Debra Porta.  She can be reached via email at