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Booking a Space

Borthwick Mall

Booking a space

Once you have a cluster of dates, you need to find a location for your event.  Before you book the space, consider the needs of your event:

Will you be serving food?

Do you have activities which require a large amount of space?

How many people do plan on attending your event?

Once you have decided what type of space you’ll need, you can begin the process of locating one. Most ASPCC events are hosted on campus.  Events can be hosted in variety of locations depending on your needs:

ASPCC Student Lounge: The Lounge is a great first choice.  It is well trafficked and has good resources, like televisions and movable seating.  Great for events under 30 people.

Freespeech Hallway

Student Union Lobby: Located on the first floor of the Student Union, the lobby is perfect for informational events like Earth Day and the Community Service Fair.

PCC Classrooms:  Classrooms are excellent for smaller more private events, like club meetings and small special lectures.  Because of their size, they are not suitable for large scale events with lots of people.

Cafeteria: The main room of the cafeteria is one of ASPCC’s prime spaces.  Over the years, this space has hosted political candidates, civil rights leaders, and all manner of social program.  Chances are you’ll either plan, staff or attend at least one event in this location.

Cafeteria Overflow Room: This is the smaller of the two cafeteria rooms and gets significantly less foot traffic. However, this space is good for gatherings, table activities and holiday events.

Terrell Hall 112:  The room can accommodate over 40 people.  While this space isn’t the best for social events, it is a great location for conferences and deliberative events.

Terrell Hall 121: A small auditorium, seats around 90. It has a full range of multimedia resources. Good for medium sized lectures, meetings and movies.

MAHB 104:  The main auditorium in the Arts and Humanities building is one of our most popular venues.  It is a great space for big lectures and events.  The space can hold 150 people and come fully equipped with a sound booth, stage and lighting.

The Borthwick Mall:  This ASPCC, Cascade’s large outdoor event area.  It is located just outside the western entrance to the Student Center. This is the largest event space available for on-campus events. 

Off-campus sites:  Occasionally events require an off-campus location.  If you believe you need to plan something away from Cascade, speak with the Student Leadership Coordinator or other ASPCC professional staff.

To book any of our on campus facilities, send an email to with the time, date, name, and event details included in the message.  Facilities will contact you within one business day.