New Club Orientation

Cascade Clubs and Programs Office, SU 208, (971) 722-5371

Events, an Introduction

Pride March

Events, events, events!

Events are one of the best ways that a club can advertise, get involved with the campus and recruit new members. It is also a great way for club members to build their academic portfolio and refine their leadership skills.  As an active club at PCC, it is a good idea to plan at least one event during the school year.   Some very active clubs will host several events every term.  Ultimately, what events you throw and how often is entirely up to you and your club members.

What’s the big idea?!

The first step event planning is… well, deciding what kind of event you want to host.  When deciding on whether or not to host event ask yourself the following questions.

What are the goals of the event?

What are a few dates that I could throw the event?

What populations(s) are served by this event?

If you have a great idea, speak with the rest of your club and The Clubs Office about your idea as soon as possible.  Even simple events require a lot of planning; so, make sure you start talking about your ideas early in the school year.


Picking a date

Before you begin to plan the details of your event, you’ll need to pick at least three potential dates.  You need to have more than one potential date, because you might not be able to book a space, secure entertainment or find staffing for your first choice.  Being flexible with the date will give you more options when ironing out your event’s details.