New Club Orientation

Cascade Clubs and Programs Office, SU 208, (971) 722-5371

Resources and Facilities

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After you’ve held your first meeting, approved your constitution, and set some general goals, you should plan to talk with the Clubs and Programs Specialist.  There you can develop an action plan and file your clubs goals with the office.  Again, this is so we have more information on how to help you achieve your goals.  No matter what those goals, are we have resources to help you. Let’s look at what the program has to offer.


While your first contact person should be the Clubs and Programs Specialist, there are other advisors who can help you. After the Clubs and Programs Specialist, the next most important professional staff member is your club’s advisor.  This is the PCC staff or instructor who signed your club charter packet.  Your club advisor is a great resource for you to learn about PCC and develop your event ideas and goals. If you’re unsure of who your club advisor is, please contact the clubs and programs office for a copy of your charter packet.

In the same office you’ll find The Associated Students of Portland Community College (ASPCC) administrative assistant.  They can help you with club purchases and give you quick answers to questions about the college and its policies. 

You will also find the Student Leadership Coordinator (SLC) there.  The SLC is in charge of the entire student leadership program, which includes clubs.  They have a wealth of information on the program, best practices and great advice.  The SLC is usually very busy, so please have your questions or comments well organized before you drop by.

Club Storage

The Resource Room

This space gets a lot of traffic and is difficult to keep organized.  As such, it is up to everyone to clean the Resource Room on a regular basis.  If you plan to use this space, you need to plan time to clean it up as well.  Here is what you’ll find in the club room:

Art Supplies: From colored paper and pens to lamination and poster machines, the Resource Room offers a full complement of creative materials.  If the Resource Room is running low on a particular supply or if you need something that isn’t there, please let one of the professional staff know.  Please be aware that the staff needs at least 48 hours to meet your request.  More complicated orders may take up to two weeks to fill, so plan ahead!

Club Storage: ASPCC charters over 40 clubs each year.  When a club charters, the club leader signs a usage agreement and has access to a storage bin in the Resource Room.  Storage bins are located along the back wall of the clubs and programs room.  Club bins are off limits to non-club members; so if you’re not a member of a particular club, please leave them alone.  At the end of the school year, club bins are cleared out in preparation for next year.  If there are items in the bin that clubs plan to use next year, then they need to contact the clubs office no later than the end of spring term finals week.

Meeting Space: In an emergency, the Resource Room can be used as meeting room.  This is not the best option for holding meetings, but if you need to book it, send an email to with the date, time and name of your club and they’ll let you know if it is available.