Cascade Clubs and Programs Office, SC01, (971) 722-5371

New Club Orientation

I've Chartered, Now What


Many new club leaders get chartered and have no idea where to begin.  Don’t worry; this tutorial will help get your club up and running. The first thing you’ll need to do is drop by the Clubs and Programs Office in the Student Union Building.  This is the office of The Clubs and Programs Specialist, who is there to give you advice and support your club. The office is located in SU 208 near the Student Lounge. You should introduce yourself to the Clubs and Programs Specialist; get their business card and copy of your club’s roster sheet.

The roster sheet will have the names and emails of all the people who have shown an interest in forming a club with you.  This roster sheet will act as your primary document for contacting new members. While these roster sheets are available to be filled out anytime during the school year, most students sign up for clubs during the Club Fair.  The Club Fair is a recruitment drive for each of ASPCC Cascade’s 40 clubs; it takes place the third week of every term. For more information, ask the Clubs and Programs Specialist when you pick up your roster.

First contact

Now that you have your roster, you’ll need to send out an email to the group requesting a first meeting.  There are a few ways to do this.  You can try and coordinate everyone’s schedule using an email chain, but this is often a cumbersome process.  Instead you should try to use an online meeting tool like Meeting Wizard (  Meeting Wizard is very easy to use, even if you’re not good at learning new software.  The website has simple instructions on setting up a meeting tool. .  When you suggest potential times through your meeting application, make sure you pick several times so students have several options to choose from.

Here are a few tips for your first email to the new group. First, take a minute to introduce yourself and talk about the club: why it was formed; what you might want to do as a group, etc.  Second, introduce them to Meeting Wizard and how it works.

Picking a meeting time is one of the first challenges you’ll face as a club leader; here is some advice on picking a time.  Try to avoid picking Fridays: students generally have Fridays off of class, but in our experience they don’t like to come to campus on their day off.  If possible, avoid picking weekends for the same reason. Some new clubs can’t get together at any single time and the club leader may decide to hold two separate meetings to accommodate members’ schedules. This can be successful, but requires a lot of dedication on the part of the student leader. Lastly, you’re probably not going to get everyone so only try to accommodate the most people at the best time.