Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Welcome New Clubs

Congratulations on getting your club chartered! 

As a formally recognized club you’ll have access to leadership training opportunities, club funds, event planning resources and professional advising. Students who participate in clubs have a closer connection to the campus community, and tend to be more successful. We can’t wait to get to know each of you better!

To welcome you to the program and get you oriented, we have created this short training course. It is designed to give you tips on running a successful club, financial and creative resources, and leadership training opportunities. 

While this orientation is not mandatory, we highly recommend that you and your club’s leadership spend time reviewing the entire tutorial. You should bookmark this page and use it, as a reference resource during the school year. 

To help you use this orientation as a reference tool, the information has been organized as an index. The link to the index is located in the right-hand navigation bar.

If you’re ready for your first lesson for new club members, click on the “I've Chartered Now What?” link in the right-hand navigation bar.