Cascade - Veterans Student Association

Cascade SU 208 | Chelsea Ellertson, Clubs and Programs Specialist, 971-722-5371

Student Veterans Association

The Student Veterans Association adivosor is Matthew Balnkenship and the current club coordinator is Richard Deaton. We have the same club mission and purpose with Cascade Veteran's Resource Corner as following:

Our Mission

The Mission of The Veterans Resource Center is three-fold. First, we aim to connect Veterans with PCC’s resources as well as community resources, in order to provide the best experience possible for Veterans. Second, we aspire to increase awareness of veteran specific issues on the college campus; including but not limited to: advocacy for veteran needs and outreach to veterans going to college. Third, we would like to create a safe, relaxing, and non-judgmental environment for veterans to socialize, speak freely, and connect with other veterans, advocates, family, and friends.

Our Purpose

The Veterans Resource Center would like to create a safe, friendly, non-judgmental environment where veterans feel free to express opinions and concerns where they can be heard and acted upon. The center also would like to act as a bridge between the college administration, staff, faculty and the veterans on their campus. We will act as the advocate for veteran specific issues on our campus, and throughout the district.

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