The Student Lounge

Cascade Student Union 2nd Floor| 971-722-5188


Student Union Building - Second Floor

Want to play a game of pool? Want to read some magazines, chat with your friends, hang out? Have a question for the Bike Program? Want to play board games or Wii games? Want to watch your favorite show or DVD on our huge screen TV? Want to use our free student phone? Need a childcare grant form? Interested in Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) and want to talk to a PTK officer? Want some free coffee or free popcorn? Need information about sustainability at PCC? Want to get information about clubs? Want to get a copy for Potty Press?

Come on down to The Underground

Winter Term 2014 Hours

Monday through Thursday 8am – 7:30pm*
Friday 8am-3pm*
FREE COFFEE 8am – 12:00pm*

FREE POPCORN 4pm-7:00pm*
*Hours subject to change.

Contact: 971-722-5188

Please note that we are closed for weekends, holidays and breaks!

ASPCC Cascade Underground 01
ASPCC Cascade Underground Sofa
ASPCC Cascade Underground Homework
ASPCC Cascade Underground Window

Come hang out with us!

We offer many things in The Underground! It is used as a space for many different events that are held throughout the year, you can find the student government offices here, and many programs like the bike program, food nook, and the student book exchange. We also sell cheap snacks and drinks.

Please note that the facilities of the Student Union Building 2nd Floor are for PCC Students only. We require a valid PCC photo ID to check out pool sticks and Wii games. Please be respectful of the staff and facilities in the student lounge!

Pool Hours

TV Hours

Video Game

(by the Video Game Club)

Monday, Wednesday and Friday
11am – 3pm

coming soon...
coming soon...
Tuesday & Thursday
3pm – 7pm

Goodies for Cheap (Cash Only)

Pizza (Pepperoni, Cheese) $1.50   Pepperoni Sticks $0.75
Burritos (Bean & Cheese, Beef & Bean, Red Hot Beef) $1.25   Oatmeal $0.50
Cup-o-Noddles $0.75   Soda (12 FL OZ can) $0.50
Candy $0.75   Vitamin Water (20 FL OZ bottle) $1.20
Chips (1oz bag) $0.50   Juice (10 FL OZ bottle) $1.00
Nuts (1.75oz bag) $1.00   Red Bull (8.4 FL OZ can) $1.50
Corn Nuts $0.50      
Nutrition Bars (Lara Bars, Trio Bars) $1.25      
Cranola Bars $0.50      
Nutragrain Bars $0.75      
Cookies $0.75      
Gum small pack $0.25      
Gum big pack $1.00