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Your ASPCC Student Leadership Team 2016-2017 Coming Soon!

ASPCC stands for Associated Students of Portland Community College. ASPCC is the student government that represents student needs and serves as a united voice for students on campus. We advocate for students in committees district-wide and bring a student opinion to the table when discussing issues such as educational programs, allocation of funds, bond measures, security, transportation, cafeteria issues, legislative advocacy, textbooks, facilities, and much, much more! In short, we make sure that PCC takes students into account when deciding on it's varied policies.

We also organize campus and district programming by hosting events of all kinds year-round. The programming division consists of the Director of Social Programs, Clubs Programs Coordinator and Diversity Retention Coordinators. For more information on the kinds of events we host, check out our "Events" page. Next to the programming team, we also have an executive team. The executive team consists of the Student Body President, the Director of Legislative Affairs and the Director of Social Programs. The executive team's collective goal is to address budget issues and funding. The last newest team just recently formed this year is a communications team. The communications team ensures that all the news and events that would benefit students have been communicated through all mediums available.

The Director of Legislative Affairs is in charge of actively informing and engaging students about political issues and registering people to vote, as well as bringing political issues and candidates to the campus and engaging students in a dialog about legislation and politics. More information about the voter registration.

The Student Body President acts as point of contact between PCC's administration and student government, and works on bringing issues from the PCC administration to the group. They are also present at PCC Board Of Directors meetings and is the chair of several committees.

Starting this year, for the first time, we have the communications team. The communications team is in charge of information. We make sure that the information will reach as many students as possible through all mediums such as Potty Press and Poster Press, Bookmarks, Websites, Facebook, Posters and Flyers. If you have any flyers or blurb that you want us to publish for you on Cascade, please check out this link for more information.

ASPCC Cascade Staff

Last but not least, we have Diversity Retention Coordinators that include Black Student Union club (BSU), International Students club, Latino/a Students club, Queer club, Native Nations club, and the Sustainability club.

Do you have a general questions about Student Government? Please contact Ashley. Have a question specifically for a member of ASPCC? All our contact info is on the Staff List page.

To find out more about us, check our Events page for photos of our events, facilities and staff!

Please check out general council meetings that are held every Monday from 3-5pm in the Student Union Building Rm. 204; these are open to the public.

ASPCC Goal Themes

  • Community
    • We collaborate with students, staff and faculty to nurture and celebrate the unique PCC community through outings, events, ongoing projects and celebrations.
  • Communication
    • We encourage robust dialogue through weekly public meetings, ongoing participation in campus affairs and a thriving student run newspaper.
  • Sustainability
    • We promote sustainable practices on Cascade campus and throughout the PCC district. We engage in dialogue and provide education opportunities highlighting ecological issues.
  • Accessibility
    • We strive for access to higher education for all. We increase retention and completion of degrees by advocating for and providing support services.
  • Engaged Citizenship
    • With a goal of registering 1,000 Cascade students in the first three weeks of fall term, and by providing opportunities to lobby throughout the year, we encourage student involvement in the legislative process. We orchestrate education campaigns and provide opportunities to participate in social movements with the aim of a more just world.
  • Diversity
    • We promote diversity awareness through ongoing outreach events and programs. We support visibility, solidarity and empowerment.