ASPCC Cascade Meetings and Committees

Cascade Student Union Building RM. 204| 971-722-5188


Want to be HEARD? Get involved!

ASPCC holds General Council Meetings on campus, District Student Council Meetings and numerous Committee Meetings on various campuses and locations. There's a student representative from ASPCC that brings student concerns, suggestions, and comments to the different committee meetings. YOUR VOICE AND OPINION MATTERS! Please refer to the links below to learn more about each committee.

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Come to our General Council Meetings (GCM)! We hold meetings every Monday from 3-4pm in the Student Union Building room 204 except summer term and the last week and first week of every term. Bring a buddy or come alone. Make your voice heard! Meetings are open to all students.

Can't make it? Send us your pressing issues or concerns regarding the campus or student services at Also check out our current agenda and minutes below and let us know if you want to add anything for the up-coming GCM Meeting!

Club Leaders or Presidents, use Cascade GCM Report Form to get on the GCM's agenda if you have anything to report during the meeting.

General Council Meeting Minutes

Fall Term 2014

Agenda Minutes
  September 29th, 2014


Committee ASPCC Representative ASPCC Representative Reports Committee Documents
Academic Standards and Policies TBD    
Albina/Killingsworth Safe Neighborhood Commission Tony Vezina    
Budget Planning Advisory Elizabeth Ackerman    
Cascade Diversity Council Raubie Palacio    
Completion Investment Council      
Curriculum Committee Donelda Weiss    
District Club Committee Elsa Gomez    
District Programming Board Cassandra Mathieson    
District Student Council Staci White, Elizabeth Ackerman, and Cassandra Mathieson    
Education Advisory Committee Staci White    
Gender Inclusive Spaces Committee Cassandra Mathieson    
Library Advisory Committee Dana Moran    
District Club Committee Elsa Gomez    
Open Education Resources Tony Vezina    
PCC Strategic Planning Committee Staci White    
PCC Sustainability Leadership Council Samantha Bailey    
Student Development Committee Cassandra Mathieson    
Sustainable Purchasing Committee Samantha Bailey    
The Green Initiative Fund Samantha Bailey    


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