The Food Nook

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The Food Nook

Now Open!

What is the Food Nook?


When can I get food?

Monday through Thursday: 8am-7:30pm

Fridays: 8am-3pm

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How is the Food Nook supplied?

ASPCC and PTK hold food drives throughout the year to stock the Food Nook as much as possible for students. We try to have a food donation component to our events as well. If our Food Nook is running low, as it sometimes happens, there are numerous Food Pantries in the Portland area. Please click on the following to find a Food Pantry near you. Food Pantries

The library has a program called, "Food for Fines" where students can bring in food and the library will reduce your fines. Click on, "Food for Fines" for more information!

We are always in need of canned and non-perishable items. The PCC community, from students to staff, have been very generous and contribute to the success of the Food Nook. Thank you!

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Contact: Tony Vezina or MaryAnne Villanueva