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The Bike Shed (Cascade Campus)

The Bike Shed is where the bike program mechanics, Tom, Bryan and Gerhardt, primarily do maintenance on PCC rental bikes. We do, however, provide basic maintenance for all PCC students and their bikes free of charge. We will work with you to resolve minor issues on your bike, but we do not, at this time, "take in" repairs per se.

Here is the schedule.

Some of the services we offer free of charge:

Brake adjustment
Brake pad installation (please bring pads, we do not sell them)
Brake cables
Gear adjustment
Gear cables
Rack installation
Fender installation (bring your own)
Diagnostics (funny sound?)
Flat fix/free patches
Minor headset adjustments
Loaner Locks (PCC ID necessary)
Lights installation (bring your own)
Chain Lubing/Cleaning instruction
Minor wheel issues
Referrals (to other bike clinics and bike shops)

Please note that we cannot, at this time, provide the following:

Extensive (full bike) overhauls
Major installations (bottom bracket, headset)
Full bike builds
Disc brake service
Shock service
Wheel truing
New or used part sales (including tubes, pads etc.)
Frame alignment
Swapouts/Conversions (geared to fixed, road to mountain etc)
Chain work beyond minor issues

We are happy to refer you to a local bike shop and provide a ballpark estimate for the costs of the above work, but please note that our estimates are non-binding.


We provide low-key, beginner workshops covering topics such as bike safety, bike maintenance, and navigating by bike. All workshops are free of charge for students, faculty and staff. Please check MyPCC, the Potty Press or ASPCC's Facebook page for more on our current workshops.

Commuter Support

Commuting during wet and cold weather can be especially challenging, but commuters need support all year round. ASPCC provides commuter support by offering coffee to bike commuters on certain days, providing tube patches and an air pump in the student lounge as well as the bike shed, and having seat covers available free of charge to keep your saddle dry! We are interested in expanding our efforts to support commuters, so if you have suggestions about services you would like to see, please contact us! Email bikeprogram.ca@pcc.edu