Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

The Bike Program not only provides rental bikes, commuter support and workshops, we also offer our knowledge and a variety of paper and web-based resources.

Resource Wall

The Bike Program resource wall outside the ASPCC Underground is fully stocked with information about the Bike Program, as well as various free maps, stickers, legal guides, addresses of local bike shops, and advice. Something missing? Let us know and we'll do our best to add it. All materials on the resource wall are free unless indicated.

Loss Prevention - Document Your Bike!

In Oregon, there is actually no official, comprehensive way to "register your bike". But without a serial number and a good description, your bike will be difficult to recover, and even harder to match to you: many bikes look similar, and can only be distinguished by their serial numbers. When you buy a bike, new or used, do the following:Serial Number

Make note of the serial number. This number can generally be found by flipping the bike over, and looking underneath where the pedals/cranks go through the bike. (This area is called the bottom bracket shell.)

  • If not on the bottom bracket shell, check the headset, underside of the steerer tube. If you cannot find your serial number, check with one of our staff for assistance.
  • Take a picture of your bike. In fact, take several. Write down the brand, model number (Trek 500, for example), color, distinguishing marks, and frame size, if you know it.

If your bike gets stolen...

  • If your bike got stolen at PCC, call Public Safety on 971-722-4902 to file a report.
  • Call the Portland Police Bureau on 503-823-3333 to file a police report. You'll need the information you collected above.
  • Register with the BikePortland.org stolen bike listings. You can also check for more ideas and resources on http://www.bikeportland.org/biketheft