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To submit a request to be published in the ASPCC Cascade Potty Press please do the following:

  • Email your request to Chelsea Kimmett at cellerts@pcc.edu
  • In your email, include:
  • What: Title of the event

    Who: (1) If there is any guests or speakers. (2) The target audience.

    Where: Specific location: full address if off-campus; otherwise, include campus, building and room number.

    When: Specific time: date, time the event starts, or the duration of the event.

    Why: What is the event about, the special points and activities of this event.

  • Include the words "Potty Press" in the subject line of the email!
  • Please note that we may not be able to accommodate all requests and ASPCC Cascade events and activities take priority.

Please proof read before submission.

Submission Deadline

Posting Date

Tuesday, September 25th

Friday, October 2nd

Tuesday, October 9th

Friday, October 16th

Tuesday, October 23

Friday, October 30th

Tuesday, November 6th

Friday, November 13th

Tuesday, November 20th Friday, November 25th
Tuesday, December 4th Friday, December 11th
Tuesday, December 15th Friday, January 4th

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