Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Club Name


Club Coordinator

A Club To give people with disorders a place where they belong. Clayborn Collins & Ian Nimmo
Black Student Union The BSU will serve as an organization that fosters student development through cultural diversity, academics, social services, and community partnerships.

Red Hamilton & Xander McPherson


Board Game Club To develop connections across campus through the enjoyment of board games of all types. Henry Wise & Cindy Cedeno
Ceramics Club To promote and support ceramic art and artists. Help students gain exposure to art and the community. Samittria Short & Karen Kaufman
Environmental Sustainability Club To advocate for environmental change within our campus community through events, policy change, and living the message of sustainability. 

Michelle Bates & Dustin Boomer


Future Teachers Club To offer information to future teachers and give students a chance to organize education-related events/share information and resources. Mary Ibarra & Angie Duran
International Student Union To provide a space where International and American students can build social connections and where members of the International Student Population can find support and advocacy regarding issues they might face as PCC students.

Shogo Nakagawa & Fiefan Hu


Leftist Club Establish a group of students who support social equality, and oppose any and all forms of social hierarchy.

Molly Walker & Alex Bell-Johnson


MEChA MEChA is an acronym for Movimiento Estudiante Chicano de Aztlan - a national student organization that promotes higher education, cultural events, community service and political awareness.

Maria Morales & Jesus Baltier-Bautista


Math Club Enjoy and build an understanding of mathematics through community activities and events.

Josh Wylie & Kelsey Rynerson

Native Nations To provide support for Native American students attending college and native students wanting to come to college. To become more involved with other Native American programs and activities, and be of support in the community and Native Americans in the community and each other.

O'Nesha Cochran & Roman Becerra


Outdoor Activity Club To provide an affordable access to a variety of outdoor activities. Mary Lee & Kevin McElcoy
Paralegal Club To connect students in the paralegal program and facilitate networking and experiences with the legal system.

Michaele Satterlund & Jennifer Ascenzi


Phi Theta Kappa The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa shall provide opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.

Loki Blatnick & William Spalding


Project Independence Alumni An opportunity to gather with project independence alumni, share resources, support one another, journey towards degrees and have fun! Latoya Credit & Althea Davis
Queer Club Supporting/providing recreational, safe, educational, and self-sustaining spaces and forums to include and provide networking opportunities for the LGBTQ community.

William Spalding & Colman Holinker

Recovery Club To build community among those who identify with recovery and student life. Shiva Markandeya & Tony Vezina
Student Firefighters Association (SFFA) We are a network of student firefighters/EMT working to support each other and our community.

Brandon Chidester & Bekah Cuthair

Student Veterans Association Assist and support student veterans through their PCC experience by advocating for improved services for student veterans and by providing them a social and support network. Brianna Dickenson & Julio Arroyo-Burdett
Students for Change We are a socialist club who focuses on police accountability, LGBTQ issues, and education of youth.

Antonio Greely & Theresa Holloway

Students for Sanders To provide an organization on campus which unites students who support Bernie Sanders for President in 2016. Paige Reid & Cassandra Dawn

List Updated: 2016, January 21. Please e-mail to cellerts@pcc.edu for updates and corrections.