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Due Date Agency Program Title Proposal Purpose Funding Requested Funding Received Status
1/29/13 Intel Foundation Ultimate Engineering Experience To host a six-week, intensive summer program for PCC and local Engineering and Computer Science students.  Utilizing team projects, professional skill development and networking, this hands-on experience gives students a feel for what being an Intel engineer is like. $33,961 $33,961 Funded
11/4/11 NSF Community College Undergrad Research (CCURI) As a partner on Finger Lakes Community College's CCURI grant, PCC will develop research activities around an environmentally relevant topic to be integrated into our Biology and Environmental Studies and Resources (ESR) programs. $7,000 $4,930 Funded
8/11/11 NSF (S-STEM) Technology, Access and Diversity To boost the number of educated and skilled technology workers in the Portland metro area, with a focus on populations underrepresented in these fields.  Sixty-four scholarships will be offered, in addition to student outreach and support, career exploration, college transfer and job placement services. $599,384 $599,384 Funded
10/21/10 NSF Regional ATE Project (Revised from ATE Center submitted 2010) To continue a Regional Project for professional development of college and high school instructors to meet the demand for workers knowledgeable and trained in sustainability practices in the built environment. $1,115,315 $1,115,315 Funded
10/21/10 NSF Saddleback Community College ATE Center As a partner to Saddleback, Pat Kraft will teach a summer-term one-week Advanced Manufacturing Conference for local high school instructors. $105,000 $49,472 Funded
7/23/10 US DOED FIPSE Earmark - Renewable Energy Training To purchase equipment to enhance the EET and Renewable Energy labs, to meet industry standards and improve students' employability. $350,000 $350,000 Funded
7/7/10 US Small Business Administration Fueling Portland's Green Economic Recovery: Hybrid Vehicle Technology Training To contribute to the green economic recovery in Portland, Oregon by offering continuing education courses in hybrid vehicle technology to incumbent automotive workers. $200,000 $200,000 Funded
12/31/09 NASA Earth Science Course Development To develop and deliver GCC2: Adaptation and Mitigation, the second in a series of community education courses to educate the public about global climate change.  The grant will also fund a summer school scholarship for 100 high schools to participate in the first course of the series. $5,000 $5,000 Funded
10/20/09 US DOL State Energy Sector Partnership Worksystems Inc. will coordinate the Region 2 portion of the State’s grant project, including Multnomah and Washington counties.  As a partner, PCC will provide training for unemployed and underemployed people in so that they qualify for emerging green jobs. TBD $0 Funded
10/15/09 NSF Exploring Biotechnology: A Pathway to Prosperity in Rural and Urban Oregon As partner to Linn-Benton Community College, PCC will assist in forging a comprehensible and attainable vision for bioscience education and workforce development in the Willamette Valley. $10,808 $8,986 Funded
9/4/09 US DOL Energy Training Partnership (WSI lead) The Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP) will preserve and create jobs in the renewable energy industries.  As partners, PCC WorkSource Centers will provide skills assessment, career counseling, student support and job placement services for participants in the program. TBD $0 Funded
6/12/09 Oregon DOED PAVTEC Middle School Girls Conference 2010 To put on the 15th annual Math, Science and Technology Conference for Middle School Girls, which provides motivation and occupational information in STEM areas through hands-on experience for local 7th and 8th grade girls. $8,000 $8,000 Funded
6/2/09 NSF Geoscience Programs at Community Colleges: Models for Success & Innovation To provide financial support for community college faculty and students to attend the earth science education session at the 2009 Geological Society of America (GSA) national conference, presented by PCC faculty Frank Granshaw. $29,097 $29,097 Funded
2/9/09 Worksystems, Inc. Sustainability Training Models A public-private partnership with Mt Hood Community College and Johnson Controls that will respond to the burgeoning demand for training in sustainability and green jobs. $92,500 $92,500 Funded
10/11/07 NSF ATE Sustainability Training for Technical Educators (STTE) To infuse sustainability content, practices, tools and techniques into PCC programs that impact the built environment by providing a variety of professional development and training activities to faculty in the Building Construction Technology, Architectural Drafting & Design/Interior Design, Facilities Maintenance Technology, Landscaping and Engineering. $792,816 $698,095 Funded
7/16/07 NSF EarthScope - Collaborative Research: Teachers on the Leading Edge: Linking K-12 Earth Science Teachers to EarthScope The grant will support a professional development program designed to introduce K-12 teachers and their students in geology and geophysics of the Pacific Northwest.  Partnership with University of Portland, Pacific Lutheran and Central Washington Universities. $13,610 $13,610 Funded
2/16/07 NSF S-STEM Engineering 2007 To provide scholarships to students seeking a two-year degree in Electrical Engineering, Machine Manufacturing, Civil/Mechanical Engineering and Microelectronics Technology.  The program will target underrepresented student groups and those with the most financial need. $596,214 $596,214 Funded
10/12/06 NSF ATE Rapid Prototyping (Saddleback C.C.) In partnership with Saddleback Community College, PCC will enhance curriculum and serve as a satellite site to Saddleback's Regional Center for Rapid Prototyping.  In addition to receiving equipment, PCC's Machine Technology department would act as the dissemination site for Oregon for the training materials for this field. $115,000 $40,000 Funded
10/18/05 NSF ATE Center for Sustainable Practices For a planning grant to support the development of the Center for Sustainable Practices at Rock Creek.(Rock Creek Campus) $69,998 $69,998 Funded
10/16/02 NSF ATE 2002  Framing Student Success: Increasing Math and Science Achievement through Construction Technology To improve science and math education for high school students through construction technology experiences, and professional development to high school teachers, and to improve the quality of the BCT program. (Rock Creek Building Construction Technology Department with OSU) $697,750 $697,750 Funded
7/3/13 US DOL Trade Assistance Act Community College & Career Training (TAACCCT) - Round 3 STEM Up Oregon is a consortia proposal encompassing all 17 Oregon community colleges. Building off the success of the CASE grant, the Consortia is proposing a project that is primarily focused on developing and delivering Career Pathways in STEM industries to unemployed and underemployed workers including those workers whose jobs have been impacted by Trade (i.e. TAA eligible). The Consortia will focus on projects that either: 1) Expand and/or enhance STEM training programs, or 2) increase STEM skills in other programs identified through WIA Sector Strategies $1,995,072   Not Funded
7/17/12 NSF REESE (Research and Evaluation on Education in Science and Engineering) The Parietal Sensorimotor Complex and the Mathematical Imagination This five year Portland State University partnership research grant investigates how students learn math.  Twelve PCC students at various mathematical levels will be interviewed each year with the intention of understanding the multiple representation imagery and activity of each student. $282,230   Not Funded
5/29/12 NSF TUES (Math for CTE Careers (MC2)) Enables PCC to develop an alternative Developmental Math pathway for Career and Technical Education (CTE) students that would be more in line with their career needs than the traditional math pathway.  It involves the creation of two new courses, a mentoring program for faculty teaching the courses, and an interdisciplinary Math/CTE Community of Practice. $199,887   Not Funded
5/24/12 US DOL Los Angeles TAACCCT I-5 Electrification Project PCC will add a certificate program in hybrid/electric vehicle repair and maintenance to the automotive services technician program.  LATTC will lead the consortium members with a total budget of $10-$15 million. $1,912,078   Not Funded
12/5/11 NSF Science, Engineering, and Education for Sustainability (SEES) Fellowship A post-doctoral fellowship that funds scientific research that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries and addresses sustainability issues.  Frank Granshaw will design, implement and evaluate urban fieldwork activities, involving students in research activities. $384,795   Not Funded
9/11/11 NSF STEP -  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Talent Expansion Program (STEP) - PROGRESS (Portland Reaching Out, Guiding, and Reenergizing Engineering and Science Study) Partnership with PSU.  PROGRESS (Portland Reaching Out, Guiding, and Reenergizing Engineering and Science Study) will create a clear path in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields from Portland Community Colleges (PCC) to and through a Portland State University (PSU) degree, thereby increasing the number and diversity of students in STEM pathways. Recruitment will focus on attracting underrepresented minorities, first-generation college students, and women entering physical sciences and engineering. $1,059,366   Not Funded
5/2/11 US EPA Environmental Education Regional Grants To provide professional development, through workshops and in-service events, for faculty to incorporate climate change issues into existing courses. $44,589   Not Funded
4/21/11 US DOL Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) Act - OTC Consortium As part of the Oregon TAACCCT Consortium of nine community colleges, PCC will bring the successful pilot program of Accelerate Mathematics Progress to scale.  The program is designed to move students through lower-level math courses more quickly, to accelerate attainment of certificates and degrees. $1,185,814   Not Funded
10/21/10 NSF Regional ATE Center for High Performance Design, Build and Operations To create a Regional Center for professional development of college and high school instructors to meet the demand for workers knowledgeable and trained in sustainability practices in the built environment. $2,038,242   Not Funded
6/15/09 Bonneville Environmental Foundation Solar 4R Schools To receive the donation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system for Rock Creek, which will be used in the Solar Manufacturing Technology program as a "hands-on" learning tool, and the PCC community for sustainability education and awareness. $20,000   Not Funded
5/29/09 US DOED ODOT Oregon EV and EV Charging Network (Clean Cities) As part of a collaborative effort with the Oregon Department of Transportation, this grant will purchase electric vehicle charging stations, as well as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to reduce petroleum use and instruct automotive students on the emerging technology. $167,183   Not Funded
5/9/07 NSF CCLI - Increasing Higher Level Mathematics for Electronic Engineering Students at Community Colleges Will bridge the gap between theory and practice in community college electronic engineering technology programs by developing an Automation and Robotics option in the EET program, while modifying and developing EET courses and purchasing and integrating robotic and automation equipment. $147,529   Not Funded
7/16/06 NSF EarthScope Science (with University of Portland) EarthScope is a multidisciplinary geophysical investigation of the North American continent with instruments being installed across the Pacific Northwest.  This cooperative grant with the University of Portland will create a Teachers on the Learning Edge (TOTLE) program, a teacher professional development program featuring field study of active continental margin geology in the Pacific Northwest.  This funds from this grant will : 1) immerse 100 PNW teachers in field studies; further develop TOTLE's links to EarthScope's instruments; develop instructional materials; and provide a template for geoscience educators. $49,750   Not Funded
10/18/05 NSF ATE 2005 Rapid Prototyping (Saddleback College) To develop rapid prototyping manufacturing educational formats and delivery systems. Funds will provide rapid prototyping equipment and instructor salaries. (Sylvania Machine Technology Department with Saddleback Community College as lead) $100,000 sub-grant from Saddleback CC over 4 years, plus $15,000 for equipment.   Not Funded
5/19/05 NSF CCLI Geoscience for Nonscientists To improve GS 106 and GS 109 students' understanding of basic geoscience concepts and to assemble a collection of activities, media and equipment to facilitate hands-on learning, and to train faculty on how to incorporate these tools into their courses.(Sylvania and Rock Creek General Science Departments) $195,109 over 2 years   Not Funded
2/10/05 NSF Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Talent Expansion Program (STEP) PCC's sub-grant of a PSU grant to provide a pre-college educational program dedicated to supporting historically underrepresented students to pursue careers in mathematics, engineering and science. PCC will test a pilot program to identify low-income and first-generation students and provide them a program of activities to nurture college engagement. $75,000 to PCC   Not Funded
10/7/04 NSF ATE "Putting Math to Work - Building a Contextual Foundation in Developmental Mathematics" To develop educational materials and distance education modalities to improve mathematics instruction. (Distance Education and PCC Math Department with OPB as lead) $81,703 to PCC over 3 years as subgrant from OPB   Not Funded
12/10/03 NSF Math and Science Partnership To create new models for teacher preparation and professional development that align with Oregon's high school reform. Five public and private universities, PCC, seven school districts, Oregon's four main state education agencies, and 11 diverse industries/businesses will create six new math/science education teacher prep models and six new math/science/preengineering professional models. (Business Education Compact is lead with Cascade Dept. of Education and PAVTEC as partners) $527,649 over 5 years   Not Funded
12/4/02 NSF CCLI 2002 Improving Mathematics Skills of Community College Students Taking Introductory Science Courses To develop and implement on-line mathematics assessments and tutorials for students taking introductory science classes. (College-wide Math and Science Departments) $195,250 over 3 years   Not Funded
11/6/13 NSF Advanced Technological Education (ATE) - Planning Grant for Advanced Manufacturing Education Training (AMET) Center To plan a National Center for Advanced Manufacturing Educator Training (AMET Center), which will have a disciplinary focus on Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and will support the development of a job-ready workforce for the US Manufacturing sector. $70,000   Submitted/
Decision Pending
11/1/13 NIH Bridges to Baccalaureate To increase the number of specific underrepresented students (ethnic minorities, students with economic and other disadvantages, and students with disabilities) transferring from PCC to PSU in pursuit of academic and scientific careers in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. $375,624   Submitted/
Decision Pending
10/8/13 NSF ATE Center - UC Irvine RapidTech As a partner to UC Irvine, PCC will provide invaluable training to high school and college educators in subject areas related to rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing. $60,365   Submitted/
Decision Pending
10/8/13 NSF Pacific Northwest Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) To increase PCC students’ exposure to research opportunities and STEM-related conferences and to provide leadership experiences, therefore increasing persistence in their studies and transfer to PSU to obtain a bachelor’s degree. $50,000   Submitted/
Decision Pending