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This information is no longer current
Associate Degree Requirements -- General Education
Policy Exemptions Procedure

In the event that accrediting agency requirements for AAS vocational degree programs at PCC, applied in conjunction with the requirements of the General Education Policy, cause a program to require that students take more than 100 credit hours for a degree, the Academic Advisory Council will consider exemptions.

  1. Vocational programs should request exemptions from the EAC Degree and Certificate Committee by sending the following material to the committee chair who will then bring the issue to the attention of the committee:
    1. a letter from the SACC chair or appropriate administrator detailing the problems along with suggested solutions;
    2. an up-to-date copy of the program layout as provided in the PCC catalog;
    3. text from the appropriate organization or accrediting agency relevant to the situation;
    4. demonstration that the spirit of the general education requirements at PCC are being met; e. information about comparable programs within the state concerning their general education requirements and a copy of their program as it appears in their catalogs.
  2. The Committee on Degrees and Certificates will then make a recommendation to the EAC for final resolution.

Effective Date: June 1, 1991