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Purpose of Program Discipline Review

  • Inform the college community about a CTE program or an LDC or DE discipline.
  • Give Subject Area Committees (SACs) an opportunity to study specific topics related to the enhancement of student learning.
  • Provide a forum for each SAC’s findings to be communicated to Administration, during which the SAC and Administration can explore and determine ways to address the recommended improvements (including timelines and “check-in” points between reviews).
  • Create written records of what is working well, what can be improved, and specific plans for implementing chosen improvements.
  • Collect information that will contribute to institutional assessment and improvement.

Logistics for Program/Discipline Review

  1. Reviews will be prepared at least every five years. Career and Technical Education programs may work out some degree of synchrony with external accreditation cycles.
  2. SACs will have access to various profiles (demographic, enrollment, and student success--at  http://www.pcc.edu/ir/program_profiles/index.html) and are encouraged to seek additional data as deemed useful from the office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE).
  3. Workshops will be held once each term to assist SACs embarking on or in the midst of review preparation. Participation by one or more SAC representatives in at least one workshop is expected in the year before the review. 
  4. SACs will prepare a written report, which will include a narrative section (generally between 15 and 30 pages) following the 8-point outline provided, along with appendices as deemed appropriate to support the narrative. The primary audience for the written report is intended to be SAC members, PCC administrators, Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities representatives, and advisory committee members. 
  5. SACs are encouraged to share drafts with their administrative liaisons prior to submitting the final report to Academic Affairs. Combine the final report and appendix into a single Word document or PDF. Send it by 12:00 the Friday ahead of the presentation to: academicaffairs@pcc.edu. Reports received later that afternoon are not guaranteed to be posted to the web page before the weekend as requested by the administrators who will be responding to the Program Review.
  6. A presentation/discussion meeting will be held to provide an opportunity for the SAC to showcase accomplishments and challenges, and to engage administrators in discussion relating to future directions. The agenda is designed by the SAC, with up to 90 minutes alotted for the presentation, followed by 30 minutes of questions and discussion.
  7. The Presentation will generally involve several (if not all) SAC members, including part-time faculty, appropriate administrators, and others. Some SACs choose to invite different sets of stakeholders, such as support staff, advisory committee members, administrators/faculty from other disciplines, and/or current or former students.
    • The SAC notifies and invites SAC members and all other desired stakeholders. 
    • The Dean of Academic Affairs will invite and send the program review to the following administrators: the District President and Campus Presidents; the Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs and for Student Affairs; the Deans of Instruction and Deans of Students; Division Deans; Program Directors; the Director of Institutional Effectiveness; the Dean of Enrollment Services; the Directors and Managers of Community-Based Learning, Disability Services, Distance Learning, Information Technology, the Library, PACTEC, and others as appropriate. SACs should expect 8 to 12 of these administrators to attend.
  8. The SAC is responsible for reserving a room and audio/visual equipment for the presentation. Notify the Dean of Academic Affairs when the room number is known, so other administrators can be informed.
    • Room Bookings: Select a room based on the number of invitees and other needs (media, proximity to specialized space, etc). See Campus Scheduling Contacts at http://www.pcc.edu/about/facilities/contacts.html, to find a room-scheduling expert at your chosen campus.
    • Audio Visual Equipment: Check the campus subpages at the Media Services webpage http://www.pcc.edu/resources/media-services/classroom-technology/ to see the permanent A/V equipment assigned to each classroom, and use Media Services’ online Audio-Visual Equipment Request form if you need additional equipment to be delivered on your presentation day.    
  9. An administrator (DOI or division dean) will make note of questions, comments, or agreements that arise from the presentation. At the end of the presentation, the Dean of Instruction assuming primary responsibility for drafting and coordinating comments for the Administrative Response will provide information about when the SAC may expect to receive the response.
  10. The Dean of Academic Affairs will post the program/discipline review document and the administrative response to the PCC web site: http://www.pcc.edu/resources/academic/program-review/index.html

Outlines for Program/Discipline Review

The program review outline is periodically modified in order to improve the clarity of questions asked, and the alignment with accreditation reporting requirements.   The outlines that were in place for reporting in recent academic years are posted below

Outline for Academic Program/Discipline Reviews reporting in