Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon


  • "www.act.org/news/releases/2004/10-14-04.html" ACT study on college prep in high schools: A study showing many college prep in high schools.
  • "www.air.org/news/documents/Release200601pew.htm" American Institutes of Research study on college literacy: A study on college literacy.
  • "ceprnet.uoregon.edu/" Center for Education Policy Research: A lot of good information - including information on high school student readiness for college.
  • "www.gseis.ucla.edu/heri/PDFs/ACT-Research%20Brief.PDF" National Faculty Survey: A link to a national faculty survey focused on working with underprepared students.
Committee Chairs for 2006-2007: Porter Raper, Diane Mulligan, Reine Thomas