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About Prerequisite Implementation

The College is currently preparing to implement required prerequisites (reading, writing, and math) in its General Education courses. In the spring of 2005, the college's Education Advisory Council passed--after a year of study and dialogue with the college community--a prerequisite recommendation which was then signed by the president. One of the recommendations of the EAC stipulated the formation of an implementation committee to assist with the transition and solve problems associated with the policy. For the past year, this committee--comprised of four subcommittees--has been generating ideas and troubleshooting to ensure a smooth transition so that all PCC students benefit from the policy and acquire the necessary skills to ensure college success. A membership roster is linked on the right.

The EAC was impressed by PCC research and national studies demonstrating a clear correlation between student preparation in basic skills and student success at the college level. On the right, there are links to the EAC's recommendation, information regarding the Prerequisite Implementation Committee, and resources pertaining to the issue of college preparedness.

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Committee Chairs for 2006-2007: Porter Raper, Diane Mulligan, Reine Thomas