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Chris Chairsell

Vice President Academic and Student Affairs

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Welcome to Winter Term 2007 – and Happy New Year!!

  1. Until last Friday, classes were filling through our new waitlist. Since November 17th, 1644 students have moved from the waitlist into classes. All of these students were sent an e-mail informing them of this change to their schedules. Once Winter Term is underway, we will be surveying select faculty and students for feedback on this new system. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact Rebecca Mathern (rmathern@pcc.edu). I would like to especially thank several champions for ensuring a successful roll-out of this project: Mike Arnold (TSS); Tammy Billick (TSS); Susan Gillette (TSS); Scot Huff (DOI-Cascade); Craig Kolins (DOS/I – Southeast); Rebecca Mathern (Title III Grant Coordinators); and Pamela Muir (Registration).
  2. Please mark your calendars for Friday, January 26th, 9am-12 noon, Sylvania Campus, when PCC will hold a forum to discuss post-secondary General Education in Oregon. The Joint Boards Articulation Commission (JBAC) is working to improve the transferability of lower division General Education throughout the state through a collaborative-developed framework that is based on commonly agreed-upon learning outcomes and course criteria. The goal is to improve the transferability of course-work among community colleges and universities and to strengthen the statewide commitment to General Education without compromising the uniqueness of individual institutions’ General Education curricula.

    Information about this General Education initiative and drafts of General Education Outcomes are on the JBAC website: http://www.osu.edu/news_and_information/forums.php. Additionally, information is available from PCC representatives who have been involved in the initial stages of this process: Kendra Cawley and Doris Werkman who participated in faculty curricular work groups, and Dean of Instruction, Reine Thomas, who sits on the Joint Boards Articulation Commission.
  3. PCC’s 3rd Annual College Goal Oregon will be held at all campuses on Saturday, January 20th from 9:00am to 2:00 pm. Previously known as Financial Aid Day, this special event allows anyone an opportunity to come to campus and receive help filling out the FAFSA financial aid application. Last year, over 350 individuals received information concerning federal and state financial aid availability and assistance in filling out the electronic versions of the FAFSA form.

    We would appreciate any offer to volunteer for this event. You don’t have to be a financial aid expert to volunteer, there are many ways you can help out on that day. Please consider helping to make this day a success for PCC and prospective college students. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact one of the following people:

    CAS Roberto Suarez, rsuarez@pcc.edu
    RC Cheryl Hefty, cjenkins@pcc.edu
    SE Linda Gettmann, lgetman@pcc.edu
    SYL Katy Ho, kho@pcc.edu

    Speaking of Financial Aid – in 2005-06, PCC’s Financial Aid Office packaged and awarded $51,018,809 to PCC students and another $3,151,210 to students attending Tillamook Bay Community College and Columbia Gorge Community College!! The total packaged and awarded was $54,170,019!! Thanks to Corbett Gottfried and the Financial Aid Office staff!!
  4. From the Libraries: We have great Librarians at PCC!!!
    Katherine Stevens, Library Circulation Services Manager, successfully organized the first two meetings of a Library Advisory Committee. The role and responsibility of the Library Advisory Committee is to provide advice to the PCC Library Administration and Staff on the Library, its programs and activities. Janice Rank, Faculty from the Psychology Department, agreed to be Chair of the Committee for the 2006-07 Academic Year.

    Erin Petrequin, Circulation Staff at Sylvania, coordinates PCC Libraries’ participation in “SUMMIT.” The fast and easy interlibrary loan service that 30+ libraries in Oregon and Washington developed under the aegis of the Orbis Cascade Alliance recently passed a milestone – its 1 millionth loan!! PCC has been a member of the consortium since Fall 2004. PCC’s filled transactions (borrowing for PCC students and faculty and lending to other member libraries) represent a small, but important, share of the total loans. In FY 2006, PCC recorded 8,722 transactions.

    Anthony Greiner, Reference and Collection Development Librarian at Cascade, has co-authored a book which the American Library Association will publish in April 2007. The title is Analyzing Library College Use with Excel. Tony and fellow Librarian, Bob Cooper, tailored Excel formulas to translate circulation and collection data into meaningful reports for making strategic decisions about buying library materials.

Best Wishes for Winter Term 2007 and thank you for the great work that you do --