Overview of Assessment Reporting

Contact: Wayne Hooke | 971-722-4779 | whooke@pcc.edu; Michele Marden | 971-722-4786 | michele.marden@pcc.edu


Assessment Reporting Templates and Resources, or links to them, are found (or will be found) on this page. Templates for 2014-2015 are not available as of September 2014. Assessment is an ongoing activity where SACs submit yearly reports. Please read General Information for 2013-2014 which appears directly below. Scroll down for links specific to CTE and LDC.

General Information for 2013-2014: (Will be updated soon for 2014-2015)

  • Different Reporting Structure: Annual assessment reporting has been broken up into two parts: Annual Plan and Year-End Report. Deadlines for each are given below.
  • Multi-Year Plan: Periodically Subject Area Committees (SACs) also submit a Multi-Year Plan. This is due this year.
  • Opt-in to New Template Format: SACs can choose to opt-in to the new template structure (called Option 1). We hope that most SACs will choose Option 1 and provide feedback on the new templates. However, for this year, SACs may choose to use the templates that are similar to last year's reporting form (called Option 2). The same option should be chosen for both the Annual Plan and the Year-End Report.
  • Assessment Highlights from SAC Chair Inservice: 2013 Highlights from SAC Chair Inservice
  • Maintaining Student Confidentiality: Read more at Student Permission.
  • LAC Coaches: In an effort to balcne coach workload, coaches are not preassigned to SACs this year. If you would like to be connected with a coach, contact LAC vice-chair Michele Marden at michele.marden@pcc.edu, or call 971.722.4786.
  • Questions/Concerns in General? Contact LAC chair Wayne Hooke at whooke@pcc.edu, or call 971.722.4779.

Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs

  • Since CTE SACs are responsible for their own degree/certificates, assessment of all their degree/certificate outcomes should occur within a two-year cycle. If your SAC has several degrees/certificates with unrelated outcomes, please contact your coach to discuss the possibility of a longer cycle.

  • CTE Programs 2014-2015 templates available soon. For more information about last year's assessment process, read the CTE Overview. Send finished plans and reports to learningassessment@pcc.edu.

  • Some CTE programs do state TSA (Technical Skills Attainment) assessments. For more information about TSAs, click here.

Lower Division Collegiate (LDC, or Transfer) and Developmental Education (DE) Disciplines

  • LDC SACs should assess at least four of the six Core Outcomes robustly on a cycle of at least two per year. Ideally, LDC SACs assess all six Core Outcomes.
  • LDC Programs 2014-2015 templates available soon. Send finished plans and reports to learningassessment@pcc.edu.

Last Year's Award-Winning Assessment Reports

2013-2014 SAC Winners

(announced September 2014)
Exemplary Reports CTE
Exemplary Reports LDC/DE

Architectural Design & Drafting (ARCH)

Biology & Management of Zoo Animals (BMZA)

Dental Assisting (DA)

Dental Hygiene (DH)

Early Education & Family Studies (EEFS)

Paraeducator (ED)

Emergency Medical Technician (EMS)

Ophthalmic Medical Technology (OMT)

College Success & Career Guidance (CG)

Geology & General Science (G/GS)

History (HST)

Margaret Carter Skills Center (SC)

Psychology (PSY)

Winning reports for 2012-2013 and prior have migrated to Spaces. Faculty may access their SAC's page at https://spaces.pcc.edu/dashboard.action. Use your my.pcc.edu login and password to enter.