Learning Assessment Council: Student Permission

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Permissions Policy

Students working

Instructors who use student work in assessment reports and/or program/discipline reviews no longer need to get a signed permission form from students if they are confident they can remove all identifying features from the work. This includes student name and G-number, but also any details that are specific enough to provide clues. Examples would be full names or addresses in a story, images as part of an artwork, charts referencing performance of individuals where identifiers exist, or a table referencing student internship results where employers' names are readily identifiable and could be connected to the students they hired.

If you are not confident that all identifying details can be removed, the next step is to add some opt-out language to your syllabus. Here is one possibility:           

Work submitted in this class may be used in an assessment process intended to improve learning outcomes of my program or discipline. If you would not like your work to be considered for this use, please notify me in writing by the 3rd class meeting.

The formal "student permission" form is under revision.