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An Overview of Assessment Reporting at PCC

The 2015-2016 assessment reporting templates are available at the CTE Programs and LDC/DE Disciplines sub pages. What follows here is an overview of PCC's assessment process. The Learning Assessment Council (LAC) recommends all faculty read this overview and the information unique to CTE and LDC/DE before proceeding with assessment activities.

  • Reporting Structure: Assessment planning and reporting happen in two phases. For new assessments, each SAC will complete the planning portion of the Assessment template in the fall, and the end-of-year report (the latter portion of the template) in the spring. When conducting a follow-up assessment (assessing for improvement), SACs will fill out the Reassessment template--with the planning portion still due in the fall and the results portion due in the spring. CTE Programs and LDC/DE Disciplines use unique templates.
  • Multi-Year Plan: Periodically, SACs also submit a Multi-Year Plan (MYP). No MYP is due in 2015-2016 for LDC-DE given the one-year reprieve from having to assess the current PCC Core Outcomes. CTE SACs, however, should assess one focal degree and/or certificate outcome from their existing MYPs or submit a revised MYP if wishing to deviate from previous schedule. Send revisions to learningassessment@pcc.edu and indicate your attachment is a revised MYP. Lost your template? We've posted pdfs of the Multi-Year Plan and help guide at each of the CTE Programs and LDC/DE Disciplines sub pages.
  • Peer Review: At the end of each academic year, all completed assessment reports are reviewed by faculty peers. Peer reviewers are recruited by PCC's Learning Assessment Council and undergo training before being assigned to review teams. Over the summer the peer reviewers look at the plans, reports, summary data (where appropriate), and other documents submitted by their assigned SACs and critique them using a standard rubric. When the feedback forms have been completed, they are saved as pdfs and made available in September to the respective SACs. Copies of the rubrics to be used for 2015-2016 assessment reports are posted at the CTE Programs and LDC/DE Disciplines sub pages.
  • Maintaining Student Confidentiality in assessment reports and artifacts: Read more at Student Permission.
  • LAC Coaches: Each Subject Area Committee (SAC) will have an assigned coach to guide it in this year's assessment activities. Some SACs will have the same coach they had last year and others will need to be reassigned. If you have questions or thoughts about coaching assignments, contact LAC vice-chair Chris Brooks at christopher.brooks3@pcc.edu, or call 971.722.4094.
  • Questions/Concerns in General? Contact LAC chair Wayne Hooke at whooke@pcc.edu, or call 971.722.4779.

Award-Winning Assessment Reports in 2014-2015

Exemplary Reports CTE

Civil and Mechanical Engineering (CMET)

  • for efforts in assessing sustainability

Dental Assisting (DA)

  • for effective focus on sub-categories

Education/Paraeducator (ED)

  • for impressive alignment of requirements to national standards

Graphic Design (GD)

  • for focused response to the findings
Exemplary Reports LDC-DE

Art (ART)

  • for faculty collaboration and coordination, and focus on impact of assessment on student learning over time

Chemistry (CH)

  • for redesign of assessment from the ground up that produced meaningful, usable information for the improvement of teaching and learning

Communication Studies (COMM)

  • for improved approach and shift to embedded assignments with real-world relevance

Engineering (ENGR)

  • for commendable effort to make curricular changes in response to assessment data

Geology and General Science (GGS)

  • for rigorous assessment methodology that produced a large amount of compelling data

History (HST)

  • for high level of SAC participation and streamlined, effective assessment methodology

Political Science (PS)

  • for coordinating teaching methodology and approach to address learning outcomes, and for a high level of SAC collaboration

Winning reports for 2013-2014 and prior are posted at Spaces. Faculty may access their SAC's page at https://spaces.pcc.edu/dashboard.action. Use your my.pcc.edu login and password to enter.