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LDC 2014-2015 Plans and Reports

LAC Chair: Wayne Hooke | 971-722-4779 | [opens in new window] [opens in new window]; LAC Vice-Chair: Michele Marden | 971-722-4786 | [opens in new window]

Lower Division Collegiate (LDC, or transferable) and Developmental Education (DE) Disciplines

Assessment is an ongoing activity where SACs submit yearly reports. LDC SACs have a collective responsibility to ensure students are attaining the outcomes of the transfer and general education degrees (AS, ASOT/B, AAOT, and AGS). The institutional, or Core Outcomes, are the basis of these degrees.

LDC SACs should assess at least four of the six Core Outcomes robustly on a cycle of at least two per year. Ideally, LDC SACs assess all six Core Outcomes. An assessment cycle typically involves two stages:

    1) An initial assessment from which the SAC decides on appropriate responses to the findings; followed by...

    2) A reassessment that explores the effectiveness of the SAC's response to the initial assessment.

General Information:

  • Reporting Structure: Annual assessment reporting occurs in two phases--the Annual Plan is submitted in the fall, and the End-of-Year report in the spring. 2014-2015 Deadlines:

Annual Plan (AP): November 7, 2014

End-of-Year Report (EOY): June 19, 2015

  • Multi-Year Plan: Periodically, SACs also submit a Multi-Year Plan (MYP). No MYP is due in 2014-2015; however, SACs needing to revise a previously-submitted plan may do so at any time. Send revisions to and indicate that your attachment is a revised MYP.
  • Maintaining Student Confidentiality: It is critical to protect student confidentiality in assessment reports by removing student names, G numbers, employer names, and other descriptors in summary data that could be linked to specific students. Read more at Student Permission.
  • LAC Coaches: In an effort to balance coach workload, coaches are not preassigned to SACs this year. If you would like to be connected with a coach, contact LAC vice-chair Michele Marden at, or call 971.722.4786.
  • Questions/Concerns in General? Contact LAC chair Wayne Hooke at, or call 971.722.4779.
  • LDC Disciplines 2014-2015 templates available soon; hopefully, by October 8.
  • End-of-Year assessment reports undergo peer review each summer. Feedback is available to SAC members at PCC's wiki page known as Spaces. Questions about peer review feedback? Read Wayne Hooke's "Making Sense of Feedback/LDC."
  • Send finished plans to