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This page will be updated soon for 2015-16.


2014-2015 CTE's LAC Reporting Templates, Due Dates, and Process

Annual assessment of student learning projects should match the assessment cycle given in the Multi-Year Plan. Click on this link to view CTE Multi-Year Plans on file.

Want to see what the Peer Reviewers will be looking for in your 2014-2015 report? Click here to view a copy of the Summer 2015 Peer Review Feedback Checklist for CTE.

Required Reports

  • Two Focal Reports (assessment and/or reassessment--see links at first bullet for November 7th)
  • Summary Data Report (see link at second bullet for June 19th)
  • Revised Multi-Year Plan, if changes were made since last year

Due Dates & Templates

  • November 7, 2014: Planning sections of the LAC Focal Assessment/Reassessment Reports --Sections 1 through 3E only!


  • November 7, 2014:  Changes to Multi-Year Plan, if applicable.
  • June 19, 2015: Completed LAC Focal Assessment and Reassessment Reports (sections 4 through 7D) and corrections, if any, to the planning sections completed earlier in the year. This may include changes in process and/or completing information that wasn't decided or available when the planning section of the report was due.
  • June 19, 2015: Summary Data Assessment of Degrees and Certificates--non-TSA.
Submit ALL documents to: learningassessment@pcc.edu

PCC's CTE Programs Reporting Process

CTE SACs directly assess their Degree and Certificate Outcomes. And, because those same program outcomes have been mapped to PCC's institutional outcomes, aka Core Outcomes, the Core Outcomes are assessed indirectly.

CTE SACs are responsible for conducting summary data assessments of all degrees and certificates (aka 'programs') within a two-year cycle (see your SAC's Multi-Year Plan). Additionally each year, every CTE SAC conducts two assessments aimed at improvement--called "focal" assessments. Each focal assessment has two parts (that can be done in separate calendar years):

  1. The assessment phase: An initial assessment from which the SAC decides on appropriate responses to the findings; followed by...
  2. The reassessment phase: A follow-up assessment that explores the effectiveness of the SAC's response to the initial assessment.

More information is available in the CTE Overview.

If your SAC has several degree(s) and/or certificate(s) with unique or unrelated outcomes, contact your LAC coach to discuss the possibility of a longer cycle. Need a coach? Contact Michele Marden at michele.marden@pcc.edu.

Assessment reports submitted by SACs undergo peer review each summer. Feedback is available to SAC members at PCC's wiki page known as Spaces. Questions about peer review feedback? Read Wayne Hooke's "Making Sense of Your Peer Review Feedback/CTE."

Some CTE programs do state TSA (Technical Skills Attainment) assessments. For more information about TSAs, click here.

Questions? Concerns? Contact LAC chair Wayne Hooke at whooke@pcc.edu, or call 971.722.4779.