CTE 2013-2014 Plans and Reports

Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs

Assessment is an ongoing activity where SACs submit yearly reports. CTE SACs directly assess their AAS Degree and Certificate Outcomes. Since the degree and certificate outcomes have been mapped to the institutional outcomes, the Core Outcomes are indirectly assessed.

Since CTE SACs are responsible for their own degree/certificates, assessment of all their degree/certificate outcomes should occur within a two-year cycle. If your SAC has several degrees/certificates with unrelated outcomes, please contact your coach to discuss the possibility of a longer cycle.

General Information for 2013-2014:

  • Different Reporting Structure: Annual assessment reporting has been broken up into two parts: Annual Plan (AP) and End-of-Year (EOY) Report. Deadlines for each are given below.
  • Multi-Year Plan: Periodically, Subject Area Committees (SACs) also submit a Multi-Year Plan. This is due this year.
  • Opt-in to New Template Format: SACs can choose to opt-in to the new template structure (called Option 1). We hope that most SACs will choose Option 1 and provide feedback on the new templates. However, for this year, SACs may choose to use the templates that are similar to last year's reporting form (called Option 2). The same option should be chosen for both the Annual Plan (AP) and the End-of-Year (EOY) Report.
  • Assessment Highlights from SAC Chair Inservice: 2013 Highlights from SAC Chair Inservice
  • Maintaining Student Confidentiality: It is critical to protect student confidentiality in assessment reports by removing student names, G numbers, employer names, and other descriptors in summary data that could be linked to specific students.
  • Questions/Concerns?: Contact your assessment coach 2013-2014 LAC SAC Coaches

2013-2014 Reporting Options

Choose Option 1 or 2 below. Do not mix forms from multiple sets.

  • Option 1 - New Reporting Format

    For more information about the new templates, read the CTE Overview.

CTE Multi-Year Plan Template (Help Guide) Due 1/17/2014

CTE Annual Plan Template (Help Guide) Due 1/17/2014

*End-of-Year (EOY) Report Template - updated 5/29, 5:30 pm Due 6/20/2014 (No Help Guide; Contact LAC SAC coach for assistance)

*Important note: Due to a mishap when fixing the template structure to enable typing in the form, the EOY hyperlink from 5/7 to 5/29 was a draft version of the template that inadequately described the overall reporting requirements for CTE. It is especially important that CTE SACs use the EOY Report Template posted as of 5/29, 5:30pm and that the old forms be deleted. We recognize faculty time is especially limited at this time of year and apologize for this oversight. Send Michele an email <michele.marden@pcc.edu> and she will send a chocolate bar to you through campus mail. Seriously.

Correct EOY template has the heading "End-of-Year (EOY) Report for Assessment of Outcomes CTE" and a date of 5/29 on the bottom left of the first page.

  • Option 2 - Last Year's Format with Modifications

CTE Multi-Year Plan Template (Help Guide) Due 1/17/2014

CTE Annual Plan Template Due 1/17/2014

End-of-Year (EOY) Report Template Due 6/20/2014

Send finished plans to learningassessment@pcc.edu.