Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

2009/2010 Updates

Prepared by Takako Yamaguchi/ Updated by Bryan Hull

The following activities / initiatives are the group's ongoing work ...

Becoming the regional center
PCC became the regional center for the ASDP through the East West Center which is housed at University of HI campus. The Asian Studies committee made recommendations to the College with the huge support of Dr. Chris Chairsell for PCC to become the regional center. PCC became an official regional center in late spring of 2009.
Title VI sub-grant
PCC is one of six colleges nationwide to receive this grant through the Asian Studies Development Program (ASDP) of the East-West Center in order to build an integrated Chinese language and culture focus at the college. A multi-disciplinary cohort of PCC faculty have been chosen to participate in on two-week Residential Workshop at the East-West Center. During the next three years, starting in 2011, the cohort will receive support while building or enhancing courses with an emphasis on China, including the new Chinese language and culture courses. The committee completed the grant application to ASDP under the leadership of Deborah Sipe and Craig Kolins with help of Stuart Cowburn of the Grant office. Led by Sylvia Gray (History) , the cohort members include: David Armontrout (History); Martha Bailey (Philosophy); Kathy Casto (Composition and Literature); Kathleen Doss (Speech); Bryan Hull (Composition and Literature); Dorothy Payton (Architectural Drafting); Julie Anne Poncet (Art History); Hsiao-yun Shotwell (Chinese); Michael Sonnleitner (Political Science); Grace Van Ness (Health) and Catherine Zimmerman (Gerontology).
Participation of student representatives
AS committee successfully recruited three active members of student representatives representing four campus centers and three countries, Korea, India and Vietnam throughout the academic year.
Participation of faculty and staff
AS committee welcomes everyone. Active members of multi-disciplines include but are not limited to, Tom Huminski, Deborah Sipe, Ron Ross, Sylvia Gray, Bryan Hull, Dave Stout, Phyllis Shen, Jane Rognlie, Martha Bailey, Jane Zunkel, Derek Gladwin, Jeffer Daykin, Marlene Eid, Hsiao-Yun Shotwell and Takako Yamaguchi. Additional supporters and guests included, Craig Kolins, Maria Caruso, Kerry Pataki, Davina Ramirez, Jean D’arc Campbell and Kevin Chan.
Developing the Chinese language curriculum
To qualify for the title VI grant application through the ASDP, the AS committee member, Takako Yamaguchi assisted in the Chinese language program development. Craig and Nancy with the help of Dave Stout and the World Languages SAC member Charma Boeschen, hired a new Chinese instructor, Hsiao-Yun shotwell. Our first Chinese Culture class was taught spring 2010 at Cascade Campus and the First Year Chinese language classes began in the fall of 2010. Second Year Chinese language classes have already been approved by the Curriculum committee to be offered in the fall of 2011.
New AS Focus Award brochure
Our brochure has a new Chinese look in bright red color. Craig Kolin's office sponsored the cost of printing.
Collaboration and Networking with surrounding institutions
Jeffer Daykin, RC History, often shares information regarding PSU sponsoring events and projects.
Collaboration and Networking within PCC
Derek Gladwin, RC English, recommended to Nhi Vu, our Vietnamese student representative at SE for the SE ASPCC Culture event, the Koto or Japanese musical instrument player, Yukiko Vossen as a feature artist.
Sponsoring the speaker series:

Winter: Dr. Jiyu Yang visited Tom Huminski’s Literature class. Dr. Yang spoke about and demonstrated the Chinese scholarly arts of poetry and calligraphy. (SY SHINE Fund sponsored)

Spring: Dr. Susanne Griffin visited Marlene Eid’s Women’s Studies class. Dr. Griffin spoke about the education and women in Afghanistan. (RC Fund sponsored)

Rose Okada and Friends visited Sylvia Gray’s Indian History class. They brought North Indian Classical Music which involved several instruments. (SY SHINE Fund sponsored)

Dr. Cyndy Ning, Chinese pedagogy specialist, of U of HI visited PCC. Dr. Ning met with the new Chinese language instructor. She also demonstrated beginning Mandarin lesson. Audience included instructors of World Languages, History, English and Music. (ASDP and East West Center sponsored her visit.)

Asian Studies Focus Award Celebration:
Six students have completed the Focus Awards this year. Of those, three students will be present at the Celebration to be honored. (SHINE Fund sponsored) The main audience will be Maria Caruso’s Japanese Lit class. Dr. Linda Gerber will greet the students on May 19th.

NW China Council – PCC AS contact person is Deborah Sipe.  They have begun meeting on a monthly basis for an informal China Educator’s Network event at the Shanghai Noble House Restaurant.

Friendship Association of Portland – contact person is Phyllis Shen.  AS committee was a co-sponsor for their Chinese New Year event in February.

Portland-Suzhou Sister City Association – contact person is Bonnie Starkey.