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Internationalized Courses

Methods for Capturing your Internationalization efforts

Below are just a few of the many different ways you can capture your Internationalization experience. These tools could be used to create a presentation for the TLC, your class, department presentations, conference presentations, etc. The examples provided are in no way a complete demonstration of each tools potential. Rather, we hoped to share just a few ways your colleagues are documenting their work. If you wish to learn more about any of the below products or other tools available to you, please contact one of the helpful Instructional Technology Specialists at your campus.


Provides synchronous learning opportunities via the web. With this tool, you can deliver a presentation (ex. powerpoint) to a live audience. They can hear your voice, see you point to items in your presentation, and more. The audience can raise their hand to ask a question if they have a microphone headset and/or type their questions and comments into a live chat feature. The entire presentation can be recorded and stored for later viewing.

Elluminate Example:
Joan Hartley's February 2009 presentation of her CIEE IFDS trip to China. To access: Click on the link. When asked “Do you want to open or save this file?”, select “Open.” (Then wait for Java to download, and the recording will open.) Listen to the whole presentation, or skip around by dragging the timeline slider at the bottom of the window.


A screen video capture program, Camtasia allows you to create professional looking presentations you can later run on their own, link from a website, and more.

Camtasia Example:
Sarah Bentley attended a CIEE IFDS in Summer of 2008. She created this presentation for her students to learn from her experience. To access: Click this on the link below. The presentation will launch and run independently. Sara Bentley's 2008 presentation


Similar to Camtasia, Mediasite allows you to capture a presentation for later viewing. The finished product allows the viewer to see video of the presenter speaking side by side with the slides. In this product, the presenter can also capture writing on the displayed slides.

Mediasite Example:

Bryan Hull has used this product for many of his lectures, but not yet for his CIEE IFDS experience. This presentation is from his World Literature course he his teaching online. To access: Click on the link below. The presentation will launch and run independently. Bryan Hull's World Literature presentation