Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

September 2009

  • At the end of June, 2009, a Funding proposal for the 2009-2011 Biennium was presented to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, by the Internationalization Initiative Coordinator.
  • The first meeting of the district-wide Internationalization Steering committee of the academic year 2009/2010 took place in September. The Steering Committee decided to focus its efforts this year on developing Guidelines for Internationalizing Curriculum.
  • Faculty Fulbrights:

October 2009

  • An invitation went out to the International Studies list-serve to attend an October open forum that focused on "sampler" presentations on how to internationalize a course. Several faculty from multiple disciplines and a manager presented on the variety of ways they have used to internationalize curriculum .The breadth and depth of the topics varied. Click below to savor and sample the bouquet of the different presentations. The presentations were captured on video. Thanks to Michael Annus from our Technical Department, and Karen Sorensen from the Web team. Steering committee members coordinating the event:  Jane Zunkel , Holly King and Marlene Eid.
  • Examples of a variety of tools you can use to record presentations on your internationalization work

Panelists presenters: Sarah Bentley, Usha Ramanujam, Takako Yamaguchi, Bryan Hull, Bonnie Starkey, Cole Chatterton, and Salomeh Moadab

November 2009

  • International Education Week Celebrations at every PCC campus including the SE Campus. In cooperation with the Office of International Education, the Internationalization Steering committee members participated in a variety of activities, including individual presentations, panel presentations, inviting speakers and coordinating workshops pertaining to international issues.

    The Internationalization Coordinator was invited to be the Keynote speaker at the International Dinner; a night of festivities celebrating our International students.

  • Coordinating some of the presentations during International week with faculty and staff presenters who attended the SIIC (Summer Institute on Intercultural Communication).
  • Finding funding for one of the projects proposed by the Partnerships subcommittee members: ESOL faculty Elizabeth Cole and other subcommittee members worked on the Multimedia low-level ESOL handbook.
  • Working on another project to compile a list of external partnerships related to internationalization proposed by the Partnership subcommittee.  Rob Vergun, from Institutional Effectiveness, worked with members of our internationalization Partnership subcommittee, Bonnie Starkey and Walter Morales, to send out a Questionnaire to the PCC Community (the Questionnaire was sent out end of April).
  • A Plan for Internationalization at PCC for the next 5 years. This activity is in progress. A draft was presented to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs in the Fall of 2009. Deborah Sipe and Marlene Eid worked on the Strategic plan.

January / February 2010

  • The Steering Committee focused on developing guidelines for "How to Internationalize a course." This activity is currently in progress.
  • The Steering Committee coordinated with the Asian Studies committee on bringing Susanne Griffin: A speaker on Afghanistan to the Sylvania and the Rock Creek campuses. See the Asian Studies Program website for more information on that program.
  • The Steering Committee coordinated with the Business International Education Grant Committee (BIE), and the Asian Studies (AS) Committee regarding a series of speakers and much more.
  • Internationalization Committee members presented at the Anderson conference (a PCC educational event put together by the TLC (Teaching Learning Centers) in February.
  • English Faculty, Melissa Manolas, applied through the Office of International Education and was accepted by the Study Abroad Consortium to travel to London as an Exchange faculty for Spring term of 2010.

March / April 2010

  • Internationalization Steering Committee made suggestions regarding the reworking of the PCC Vision and Mission Statements were sent to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Chris Chairsell.
  • Internationalization Steering Committee members assisted with the visit of the Fulbright professor from China, Dr. Tang, who spent 3 days in April at the college on all three campuses.
  • Internationalization Steering committee members cooperated and attended the events of the International Business Speakers Series, and the (AS) Asian Studies activities.
  • Internationalization Initiative Website Updated and maintained by Marlene Eid, and  Karen Sorensen from the Web team.
  •  Steering committee members working on guidelines on "How to Internationalize a course": Sarah Bentley, Holly King, Bryan Hull, Deborah Sipe, Jane Rognlie, Jane Zunkel, Marlene Eid, other Steering committee members were also involved in feedback, Thank you all.

Marlene Eid stepped down as the Internationalization Coordinator at the end of this academic year. Internationalization Steering committee member Bryan Hull volunteered to carry on the torch of Internationalization, as the Coordinator of the Internationalization Initiative for the next academic year 2010/2011.