Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

MCH Instructor Requirements:

Minimum qualifications-

Education: Associates of Applied Science or equivalent degree in Machine Manufacturing Technology or a related field. Degree must be from an accredited institution.


Experience: Five years' relevant industry experience using any four (4) of the following basic machine tools: 1) sawing machines, 2) turning machines, 3) milling machines, 4) drilling machines, 5) grinding machines, and/or 6) Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines (turning center machines and machining center machines) required. Applicants who have taught in secondary or postsecondary assignments may substitute teaching experience for recent industry experience (1.5 years teaching for 1 year of industry experience).

Demonstrated Competency: Five years’ documented training in the field of Machine Manufacturing, Tool and Die maker, or related field through a formal training program such as Apprenticeship and Training Programs, On-The-Job-Training (OJT), technical training institution, or other professional training. A journey card in these areas, regardless of length of formal training, qualifies as demonstrated competency.

Related Instruction

In addition to the requirements above, for courses in which related instruction is embedded, faculty must have:

  • For Computation in MCH 120 and 280: College-level algebra on college transcript
  • For Computation in MCH 130 and 272: College-level trigonometry on college transcript
  • For Communication in MCH 130, 272 and 280: Supervisory experience (documented)

Approved: June 2013

MCH Instructor Qualifications prior to June 2013