CAS and OS- Computer Applications and Office Systems Instructor Qualifications


General PCC Instructor Qualifications are described in the Academic Policies and Standards Handbook

with the following clarifications:

  • Subject Area: Master’s Degree in a business field
  • Related Area: Master’s degree in any field
  • Demonstrated Competency: Bachelor’s degree + 5 years of a combination of teaching and recent in-field non-teaching experience

Revised Date: 4/17/1998

Related Instruction

CAS 111D, CAS 211D and CAS 206 include embedded Related Instruction in Computation, Communications and Human Relations. In order to teach these courses, instructor must have:

  • completed college-level algebra or higher Math (for Computation) and
  • completed college-level writing course (for Communication) and
  • documented teaching experience or supervisory work experience (for Human Relations)

Related Instruction Qualifications approved: November 2012

CAS/OS Instructor Qualifications prior to 1998