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FT Instructor Qualficiations Prior to March 2011:


Fitness Tech. Instructor Requirements:

  1. Masters degree in PE
  2. Master degree in closely related subject area, i.e., exercise physiology, sports fitness, plus 30 quarter hours graduate credit in subject area. For Corrective/Adaptive Physical Education – subject area in Physical Therapy or Adaptive Physical Education.
  3. Bachelors degree in PE or closely related subject area., i.e., exercise physiology, sports fitness, plus

Not complete – asked for dept ‘e’ copy.

Revised Date: 01/2002

Fitness Tech. Instructor Requirements:

Within Fitness Technology, the instructor qualification would be in keeping with the PCC Instructor Qualification Policy for Vocational/Technical Education Instructors. Specifically, we would require those teaching the FT curriculum to have a Master'’ degree in Physical Education, Exercise Science, or a related field. For the Nutrition and Injury Prevention classes we would expect specialized education in those areas. For the Professional Activity classes, we would choose instructors with the related degrees plus teaching experience in specialty areas such as Aerobics, Weight Training, Aquatics, Exercise for Special Populations, and other Fitness activities.

Certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Council on Exercise, or similar organization would also be helpful. Work experience within the health and fitness industry will be desirable for some courses such as the Fitness Technology Seminar.

Revised Date: 6/26/1995