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BIT Instructor Qualifications prior to February 2011:



  • Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology or closely related field. Ph.D. Strongly preferred.

  • Experience: A minimum of two years of recent laboratory experience working in an industrial, research, or academic laboratory in which a variety of biotechnology techniques are applied on a daily basis. Teaching experience including curriculum development and grant writing ability strongly preferred.

Revised Date: 12/19/1994


for BIT 125 Quality Systems for Bioscience Technology

Candidates for this course qualify under demonstrated competency only.

There are very limited opportunities for formal academic training in this area.  Professionals in this field have education in a variety of disciplines, both science-related and not.   For that reason, a formal degree in subject or related area is irrelevant.  The SACC would argue however, that a Bachelor’s degree (in any subject area) is preferred.   The major emphasis should be placed on professional experience and certification.

It is preferred that candidates should hold certification from the American Society of Quality (ASQ).  However, other certifications, professional referral and compelling experience as noted below will be considered in lieu of ASQ certification.

It is required that the instructor have four (4) years or more of recent, full-time, non-teaching work as a Quality Assurance professional or otherwise in a position that includes responsibility for cGMP compliance in a bioscience company.  Equivalent experience as a consultant to a bioscience company will also be considered acceptable provided that the candidate can provide descriptions and documentation (references OK) of the work done.

Revised Date July 27, 2009