Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Field Explanations

All field names with an asterisk * are required on the Faculty Release Request Form. See an example of Completed request form for Dept/Campus/District types of requests.

Enter the name of the person submitting the Faculty Release request form. If approved, this is the person for which the release will be entered into Banner (e.g. John Doe)
Current Date
Enter the date the request is being submitted for approval (e.g. 10/19/2007)
Release Category*
Select the appropriate value from the available list (Dept/Division, Campus, District). Indicate if this is a Release in support of a single department, multiple departments at a single campus, or multiple campuses for the district.
Type of Release*
Select the type of Release from the available list (e.g. Faculty Chair FACC and Curriculum Development (CURD)). This data will be entered into Banner
Approver's name*
Enter the name of the individual to receive the Release request for approval. If the request is for a Dept/Division, the approver would normally be the Division Dean/Director. If the request benefits multiple departments at a campus, the approver would normally be the Dean of Instructor. If the request benefit is district-wide, the approver would normally be VP/Academic & Student Affairs.
Amount of Release
Enter the amount of Release being requested as a percentage of your current assigned workload. This value will be used to calculate the amount of workload (releaseload) to be entered into Banner (e.g. 25%)
Release Start Term
Enter the first term when the Release will start. For example, enter '200804' to reference 'Fall 2008'
Purpose/Goal of Release
Enter the purpose of the Release being requested. Enter all details needed by the approver to adequately consider this request for approval. If additional documents will be attached to the email supporting this request, make references to the additional documents in this section
Requester's G#*
Enter the Banner ID of the requestor. This ID begins with a 'G' followed by 8 digits (e.g. G02859955). This data will be entered into Banner
Requestor's Phone
Enter the primary contact phone number for the requestor (e.g. 503-555-1212)
Requestor's email
Enter the email address for the requestor (e.g. john.doe@pcc.edu)
Decision needed by
Enter the target date by which a decision is needed (e.g. 10/31/2007)
Select the main campus that benefits from the Release or your home campus (e.g. Sylvania)
Enter the Requestor's Department being supported by this Release (e.g., a math instructor requesting a release would enter "Math Department"). This data will be entered into Banner
Approver's email
Enter the email address of the individual named in the 'Approvers Name' field (e.g. dean.doe@pcc.edu)
Release End Term
Enter the last term for which the Release is being requested. Release should not be requested for more that 4 terms (1 academic year). If a Release request extends beyond 1 academic year, multiple requests should be submitted