Approver Section of Faculty Release Form

Field Explanations

All field names with an asterisk * are required on the Faculty Release Request Form. See an example of Completed request form for Dept/Campus/District types of requests.

Select the final decision for the requested Release (Approved/Not Approved/Needs Clarification). A request may be given a 'Not Approved' decision and be returned to the submitter for additional information with the understanding that it will be resubmitted once the missing information is provided.
Approver's Comments
Enter information relevant to reaching the decision given. Include additional instructions for the requestor if follow up (or resubmission) is needed.
Contract compliant?
Select 'Yes' after confirming the Release request is within contract mandated guidelines. Currently Release requests exceeding 50% must be approved by CAM
Funding Source:
Enter the accounting data to support replacement staffing. Provide the Fund (e.g. 1000), Origin (e.g. A40401), Account (e.g. 01222), and Program (e.g. 21) codes for the funding source.
Academic Year & Non-Instructional Workloads*
Enter the academic year and actual amount of workload (releaseload) granted by the Release request for each term applicable. For a Release that equates to a previously assigned course, the releaseload value would be the same as the workload value for the assigned course. As an example, a release from English 104 (4 credits; 2.720 workload;) for the 2008-09 winter term, would result in a releaseload value of 2.720 for releaseload (winter term). For a Release equating to an overall percentage of Instructional FTE, the releaseload value for a specific term may be an approximate percentage based on normally assigned workload and averaged over multiple terms. For example, a 25% grant related release for the full 2008-09 academic year may result in 2.04 (fall term), 2.72 (winter term), and 3.24 (spring term) releaseload values. Although different values are used in each of the 3 terms in the instructional contract, the average approximates the targeted percentage. The combined total of instructional workload and releaseload in Banner for each term should average between 9.0 and 11.5 (FTE of .9 - 1.15 as documented in the contract).
Position Number*
This is the HR position number of the replacement for an approved Release request. This field is not validated against actual HR positions but will be used to complete additional HR forms as needed. This field will be entered into Banner

After a Release request has been approved, the approver (or designated individual) will enter the data into the Banner system. Training information for entering Release data into Banner is available online.