Faculty Release


As a result of the Faculty Release “Lean” Process Review, a standardized work process has been implemented for requesting, processing, and reporting faculty release time. All Faculty Release requests are to be documented using the following request form and emailed to a designated ‘approver’ for evaluation and approval. After review of the request the approver will email you with the results.

The Request Form

To submit a Faculty Release request:

  1. Use one of the following links to open the request form:
  2. Fill out all fields in the requestor section of the form. 
    • You may need to discuss the Release with your department head to properly fill out some fields (e.g. Release Category, Approver, etc.). 
  3. Save a copy of the completed form on your computer (use ‘save as’).
  4. Email the saved request form as an attachment to the individual you designated in the ‘Approver Email’ field.
  5. The Approver will fill out the Approver section.
  6. The approver will contact you after evaluating the request or if she/he has any questions.


The District Planning Council began discussing the declining ratio of instruction taught by full-time faculty during the 2006-07 academic year.  While available data indicated that the percent of full-time faculty teaching had decreased, what remained unaccounted for was the impact of faculty release time.  Had this increased in recent years, remained about the same or declined?  Without the ability to track faculty releases, the effectiveness of strategies to improve the full-time part-time faculty ratio in the future would be difficult if not impossible to evaluate.

A Faculty Release ‘Lean’ Process Review was conducted on October 4-5, 2008. A group consisting of faculty, division deans, administrators and academic professionals met to discuss (and document) the current release process.  It became apparent that a formal process did not exist and that practices and interpretations varied throughout the college.  In addition, although Banner currently enables the entry/reporting of release time, this is not common knowledge or regularly used.  As a result of this review, it was recommended that a district-wide work process be developed for requesting, processing, and reporting Faculty Release.