Enrollment Management Goals

  1. Marketing and Recruitment Plan.

    This goal is being addressed by the PCC district-wide marketing committee.

  2. Establish a streamlined enrollment process for new and returning students.

    This goal is inclusive of all steps from admission to the first day of class for a student. Facilitators: David Goldberg and Craig Kolins

  3. Improve students’ experiences doing business with PCC.

    Facilitators: Miriam Friedman and Guy Sievert

  4. Enhancing the successful transition from developmental/pre-college to college.

    The intention of this goal is to ensure academic preparedness for students who begin a collegiate program below college level coursework. Facilitators: Robin Burwell and Patty McCoy

  5. Develop faculty initiatives to enhance retention in the classroom.

    Facilitators: Scott Huff and Jane Zunkel

  6. Prepare students for and assist students with their transitions from PCC to their post-PCC experience.

    Facilitators: Frost Johnson and Narce Rodriguez

  7. Improved and expanded collection, analysis, and dissemination of information related to enrollment management.

    Facilitators: Jennifer Boehmer and Ron Smith