Goal, Objective and Task Definitions

Goal: Global statement of what an individual, group or organization wants to achieve.
Jane Smith decides that she wants to run a marathon in 2005.
Objective: A clear, concise, and understandable statement that relates directly to a goal. Objectives are typically stated in terms of results, begin with an action verb and are measurable.
Jane designs a multi-tiered training schedule to accomplish her goal.
Jane researches and formulates a diet that will prepare her body for long-distance running.
Task: A specific activity that leads toward the accomplishment of an objective. Tasks are usually on a set timeline and small measurable achievements. Tasks are evaluated based on whether or not they meet the objectives. Tasks can be changed to meet the objective based upon on-going feedback throughout the process.
Jane follows scheduled training runs as part of her training plan.
Jane follows a dietary plan that is part of her training plan.