EAC Student Development Committee Members


Wendy Palmer, Chair Disability Services SY
Stephen Arthur Student Clubs/Program Specialist, SY SY
Marc Aubertin Financial Services Bursar DC
Stedman Bailey Coordinator First Yr Exp, District Perkins Advisor DC
Laurie Bales District Bookstore Manager SY
Kristin Benson Coordinator of Student Records and Enrollment DC
Linda Browning Perkins Advisor SY
Li Li Cliff Student Representative CA
Jana Daugherty Coordinator for Student Outreach and Orientation SE
Elisabeth Davidson Affirmative Action and Equity District
May Donohue Academic Advising, RC RC
Simone Frank Counselor, CA CA
Luke Givens Assistant Coordinator Multicultural Center RC
Heather Lang Dean of Student Development SY
Carey Larson Online Student Services Facilitator District
Delinda Martin-Huggins Assistant Coordinator/Student Leadership CA
Arlene McCashew Student Resources Specialist - Perkins Title I SY
Sharon Morgan Student Life/Leadership Development SE
Vu Ngyuen Student Representative SY
April Nording High School Completion RC
Shelly Samson Advising SY
Sada Stavrum Student Representative; Director of Communications SE
Maricruz Gonzalez Vasquez Student Representative, Director of Campus Affairs RC