Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

  • Attend all EAC Leadership meetings:
    • EAC regularly scheduled meetings (monthly)
    • EAC Leaders’ planning meetings the week before each  EAC meeting (monthly)
    • EAC Leaders’ meetings with the Deans of Instruction (DOI) immediately prior to each EAC meeting (monthly)
    • EAC Leaders’ meetings with the District President and Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs (VPASA) (monthly)
    • EAC Leaders’ retreat in June (one day)
    • EAC Leaders’ retreat in September (one-half day)
    • EAC retreat in September  (one-half  day)
    • Attend at least one PCC Board meeting per year
  • Be familiar with and consult EAC Bylaws.
  • Student  Development meetings
    • Chair the SDC meeting monthly
    • Joint meeting with SDC Leaders and Deans of Instructions, often monthly
    • Attend a Deans of Student Development (DOSS) meeting, monthly
  • Specific duties
    • Monthly  SDC meetings
      • Prepare and distribute the monthly agenda
      • Provide for minutes and disburse to members;  post minutes and SDC reports on the web page
      • Keep membership list current and on file with the Chair of the EAC Membership committee
      • Arrange presentations on relevant topics
      • Report on issues from EAC, DOIs, and non-confidential information from various EAC-related meetings
      • Recruit members to represent a variety of student development areas
      • Work with student leaders and/or Student Leadership Coordinators to hear about student issues;
    • Communicate with other PCC departments and help to problem solve student development issues.

Monthly Duties

  • September
    • Call and lead the SDC retreat


Compensation has generally been obtaining substitutes for time spent in EAC duties up to 24 hours per month.