EAC - Ad Hoc 4-Credit Conversion Committee

4-Credit Conversion Committee Minutes
March 9, 2004
by Porter Raper

Present: Karen, Jan, Frank, Guy, Linda, Frost, Stedman, Jill, Porter.

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 1st at 3:30 at Sylvania, Conference Room A (CC).

Porter reported on the 4-credit activity around the state:

Clackamas: Social Science and Writing are currently 4 credit courses.
They are converting discipline by discipline and making it easy for each discipline to convert.
What problems are they addressing? Scheduling, classroom usage, advising, degree requirements, workload.
They are moving away from sequences.

Chemeketa: MTH-Science is moving to 4-credit. Their philosophy is that as OSU makes changes, Chemeketa will follow.

OSU: Changing to 4-credit department by department. A curriculum planning committee there has recommended the university move from 3 to 4 credits. (Porter has the URL if anyone wants to take a look at this planning committees recommendation.)

Lane: Produced a large planning document but are actually moving faster than planned to make this conversion.

What happens at PCC?
Reviewed the number of 3-credit courses currently available by discipline (Frost has copies if you'd like one). Faculty may teach more sections of introductory and not have enrollments to teach specialty courses: these specialty classes may need to be rotated and not offered as often.
Reviewed how the AAS degree may look with 4-credit, rather than 3-credit courses (Frost has copies of this and a list of state requirements for the ASOT/AAOT). Probably one fewer course in Arts and Letters and Social Science distributions; same may be true of Science and Math distribution. Fewer elective courses needed.

Forums have been scheduled through the TLCs at each campus. They will be held
Thursday, April 22, Rock Creek, 2:30 - 4:30 pm
Monday, April 26, Sylvania, 2-4 pm
Tuesday, April 27, Cascade, 2-4 pm

Porter asked for input to a message he was drafting to send to the college community to open the topic. Goal was to provide basic information, encourage discussion, and announce public forums.

General Discussion

We talked about mechanisms that would need to be in place if the college decided to convert (curriculum committee issues, etc)

A separate message needs to go out to SAC chairs regarding the April SAC day and conversion discussion.

Student Perspective: Jill reported that her initial discussions with students about conversion were mostly positive, mostly regarding the ability to take fewer classes and more focused attention on courses. A few students said they wanted to be sure quality of instruction would not be affected. She will continue to garner student perspectives about transferring and taking courses at both institutions.

Initial reports from social sciences and English and Modern Languages (Jan and Linda):
Mostly a positive reception so far, although concerns about work load and maintaining quality instruction.

Stedman (or Susan) plans to talk about transfer issues with PSU advisors.


Committee Chair 2005-2006: Porter Raper, updated on October 14, 2004


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